Seattle Cops Found Driving Drunk | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney


Usually the police are the ones getting others in trouble for drunk driving, not the ones committing the crime. That wasn’t the case for two Seattle police officers, Officer Marie Gochnour and Officer Sean Moore. The two have been charged with drunk driving. They were not on duty when they were pulled over late last year, but were severely intoxicated. Gouchnour was found to have blood-alcohol levels of .234 and .247, roughly three times the legal limit, while Moore’s were measured at .161 and .149, also above the limit of .08.

A call was made to authorities, alerting them that a vehicle had run into a pole. The vehicle turned out to be Gouchner’s, and both her and Moore were found inside. Since the incident, the two officers have been on desk duty for the department.

Both Gochnour and Moore’s blood-alcohol levels were extremely dangerous, and potentially fatal for driving. The following are the effects that alcohol has on the body at the levels that the two officers were at when they were found according to Clemson University’s Redfern Health Center:

Moore’s blood-alcohol level: .161, .149
• Difficulty talking
• Difficulty walking
• Potential difficulty standing
• Judgment impaired severely
• Perception impaired severely
• Increased chances of you causing injury to yourself or others
• Blackout possible

Gochnour’s blood-alcohol level: .234, .237
• Confusion
• Disorientation
• Cannot stand up or walk alone
• Inability to feel pain
• Nausea
• Vomiting possible
• Blackouts

It’s clear that neither officer should have been behind the wheel in the state that they were in. If you are unsure whether you should drive or not after drinking, it’s almost a guarantee that you shouldn’t. Use more discretion than these officers and save yourself and everyone else around you a whole lot of trouble.