Seattle Speed Cameras Catch Drivers in School Zones | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


Chances are, you drive by a school at some point during your daily commute. You see the signs telling you to slow down, but the question is, do you? Some drivers near Olympic View Elementary in North Seattle learned to after a speed camera was installed at the school this past winter. After it was first put into place in December, it caught over 35 speeders each day. Four months later, that stat dropped to 27. The speed limit in that school zone is 20 miles per hour. The average speeding driver was ticketed for travelling at 30 miles per hour. All in all, the number of speeders has reduced dramatically enough for the mayor to insist on the installation of more cameras. Schools such as Dearborn Park Elementary located in South Seattle and Roxhill Elementary on Roxbury Street will see cameras going up sometime in early 2014.

It is important to drive carefully around schools, whether there are speed cameras installed or not. Often, children bolt out of nowhere into the road, and driving at the legal limit of 20 miles per hour can help you to slow down in time to avoid an accident. Even though we are in the summer months, and most students are not in school, there are some students attending summer school and speed limits are still enforced.