Seattle starts to lower speed limits 

At Premier Law Group  we handle different Personal Injuries cases. Mostly they are about vehicle accidents but we noticed a raise of calls about pedestrians getting hit and sometimes even killed  by vehicles on streets. Pedestrians have no protections when they walk or cross a sidewalk. The  only thing which will make a difference on their chance to survive is the speed of the vehicle when they got hit.
This is why we are happy to share that Seattle started to lower speed limits to make our city a safer place for everyone!

Jim Curtain of the Seattle Department of Transportation said ” if as a pedestrian you are hit at 30miles per hours you have about 50% chance to survive but reducing just by 5 to 10 miles an hour will increase your chance considerably and  if you are hit at 20 miles per hour you will have 90% chance of survival.”  Be aware the change will depend on the street, it will dropped from 30 to 25 mph or to 25 to 20 mp.
With our nights getting longer and darker it is a welcome change for cyclist, driver, walker and commuter.

So spread the word around you to inform your family, friends and coworker about that change!

Speed limit with the chance of survive if you get hit by a car at that speed

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