Semi Truck Falls 65 Feet in Portland | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney


There has definitely not been a shortage of semi truck accidents and incidents lately. Within the past few weeks, two FedEx semis have crashed in the Pacific Northwest alone. A semi crossing the Skagit River bridge is believed to have triggered it’s collapse. And now a semi truck driving through Portland this morning has met it’s own disastrous fate.

The truck reportedly hit a car at around 3:30. After crashing into the vehicle, it rolled over, and fell off an on-ramp. The drop was about 65 feet. The truck driver suffered from life-threatening injuries. Following the fall, he was trapped in the truck. Medical responders had to treat some of his injuries before he could be removed from the cab.

Emergency teams worked carefully at the scene, as the truck leaked over 50 gallons of diesel from its fuel tank, which was damaged in the accident. There was a great risk of fire, but luckily the situation was avoided.

The trailer of the truck was unattached from the truck, and came to rest in a building some 50 feet away from the cab. The building suffered superficial damage. About 150 feet of railing damaged from the accident will be replaced tonight, and the 1-84 to 1-5 ramp will be closed. The driver of the second vehicle was not injured, and investigations into the incident are still ongoing.