Serious Motorcycle Accident In Bellevue

Premier Law Group recently helped a Bellevue man receive $150,000 following his serious motorcycle accident. Dennis S. is a Washington state native, and was enjoying a ride on his motorcycle when the worst happened. Not only did Dennis get in a serious accident causing permanent injuries, but the other party denied liability. This lead to a complex legal battle with the insurance company that Dennis wasn’t equipped for. If it weren’t for Premier Law Group, Dennis would have been in a real bind.

Motorcycle Accident In Bellevue

Motorcycle accidentIt was a foggy Tuesday morning, like Washington mornings often are, as Dennis was riding to his office in Bellevue. Riding through one of the backroads to his work, a car suddenly pulled out in front of him without seeing him. Dennis’ bike collided with the front of the car causing him to flip over the car and fly several yards. An ambulance came and rushed him off to the hospital and immediately began looking at his injuries.

Contusions, lacerations, multiple fractures, permanent vision damage, and a collapsed lung, Dennis was in rough shape. These kinds of auto accidents are a motorcyclists worst nightmare. All the while, the other driver was talking with police, falsifying how the accident took place. Claiming that Dennis was speeding without his headlights on, the other driver said he couldn’t see Dennis coming. To make matters worse, no witnesses were willing to make a statement to validate how the accident actually occurred. Dennis knew he needed help, and that our expert Bellevue motorcycle accident attorneys would be his best bet to win his case.

The Premier Law Group Difference

auto accident attorney Patrick J. KangOur team of experienced auto accident attorneys know the tricks the insurance companies use to deny or minimize peoples’ claims. With decades of experience however, our motorcycle accident lawyers knew exactly how to handle Dennis’ case. We knew to check the dashcam footage on the police officers cruiser, where we saw that Dennis’ lights were on when an officer moved his motorcycle off the road and turned his lights off. Then when the other officer wrote the police report, it appeared like Dennis’ lights were off.

Time after time we’ve seen other firms dilly-dally with the legwork like tracking down witnesses or gathering crucial evidence. Our team’s standard of excellence and conviction to bring justice forth on Dennis’ behalf won over one of the witnesses, convincing them to write a statement proving the other driver was liable for the accident. Only then did the insurance company admit liability for the accident. Dedication and experience won the day, and Premier Law Group is proud to have fought for someone who needed help.

Make Sure You Have Enough Insurance

Calculator on a car insurance contractDennis suffered serious injuries following his motorcycle accident. Permanent injuries, along with loss of mobility, he would never get to enjoy his favorite activities like he used to. That paired with almost two years of treatment and several months of missing work while he recovered. His damages were worth approximately $500,000, but he made a grave mistake. Not having enough under insured motorist coverage, or UIM, our experienced team was only able to maximize the claim with the other drivers insurance along with Dennis’ UIM coverage at $150,000.

Premier Law Group knows the law and has the experience that was needed to win Dennis’ battle against the insurance company. At the end of the day though, not having enough under insured and uninsured motorist coverage(UIM/UM), was the difference between a $500,000 settlement and $150,000 settlement. Check with your insurance company about your UIM/UM coverage. We have seen too many good people that were victims due to not having enough insurance coverage.

Were You In A Serious Motorcycle Accident?

We help people every day that were in auto accidents caused by someone else’s negligence. If you were in a serious motorcycle accident, our professional and experienced team of lawyers can help! We will stand by your side and walk you through the complicated legal process, and go to battle for you against the insurance adjusters. All the while, you can just focus and recovering from your injuries. Call Premier Law Group for a FREE consultation at 206-285-1743.


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