Skagit River Bridge Collapse Causes 26 Detour Accidents | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

I-5 Bridge Collapse

The communities of Mount Vernon and Burlington have had to make big adjustments since the collapse of the Skagit River Bridge. The downfall of the structure has called for detours galore in the area and residents are having a hard time getting used to them. The bridge collapsed two weeks ago, and it is expected that a temporary replacement will not be put into place for another two weeks. The lack of a bridge has meant that the dozens of semi-trucks that usually use the passage are now on smaller roads in the area, unsettling a lot of smaller passenger cards. In fact, there has been a noticeable increase in car crashes recently. During the first week after the collapse, there were 75 crashes in Mount Vernon. It was concluded by police that 26 of those crashes resulted directly from the detours around the bridge.

Drivers in the small towns are calling the traffic “legendary”. We’re guessing a lot of them have never experienced the Mercer Mess. And until the temporary bridge is all set up, they will have to deal with the heightened traffic, as there’s hardly a convenient way around it.

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