Some Good News in Unemployment | Bellevue Employment Attorney

The economy is struggling and that means unemployment rates are high. As a Seattle employment dispute attorney, I understand the relief people feel just to have a job in today’s society. Even though some are grateful just to be employed everyone should still be aware of their legal rights as employees. reported that within the last week fewer amounts of people have applied for unemployment benefits. Economic experts are hoping that if this trend stays on this track then things will be looking up for the unemployment rates that have been common within our society. The article states that our economy is slightly increasing and hope remains for the future. Although it is a slight growth, our unemployment rate is slowly getting better. Employment disputes are sure to follow, however. New employees as well as employers are encouraged to understand their rights within the workplace.

Bellevue Employment Attorney

Wrongful termination, harassment in the workplace or discrimination of any kind, and wage or hour disputes are examples of employment dispute cases. A work environment that ultimately results in being unable to continue is unacceptable. Being mistreated in the workplace can also lead to devastating emotional pain. With unemployment as high as it is, seeking help with an employment dispute can be a tough decision to make but no one should have to tolerate a toxic work setting.

If you believe you have been victimized in an employment dispute and wonder if you have a case, contact an experienced Bellevue employment attorney today to discuss your legal options. Employment law can be difficult to understand, call me at Premier Law Group and I can help make your decision less stressful by dedicating my time to your case in order to protect your rights. For more information and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact me at (206)285-1743.