Speeding Man was Legally Drunk | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney


101 miles per hour. That’s how fast Petr Zimin of Portland was driving when he was chased down Interstate 205 in Oregon two nights ago. In addition to driving well over the speed limit, Zimin was snaking in and out of traffic, causing dangerous conditions for fellow drivers all over the road. He was finally stopped by police and given a breathalyzer test. It was found that his blood-alcohol content levels were .03 over the legal limit. Zimin was given citations for both reckless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol. He will appear in court, though the date of that appearance is not yet known.

Reckless driving as well as driving under the influence are dangerous and deadly separately, but together they are an extremely lethal combination. It is very lucky that nobody was hurt in Zimin’s path. He should never have gotten behind the wheel in the condition he was in. Regardless of if you are drunk or not, you should not be driving at speeds that high. And in no case should you be driving drunk to begin with.

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