Steakhouse Pays for Sexual Harassment | Seattle Employment Lawyer

$600,000 will be paid to twenty-two male victims who were subjected to sexual harassment at a steak house in New York City. For nearly eight years, waiters at Sparks Steak House would complain of harassment by a male manager. The harassment included sexual comments and attempting to touch the employee’s genitals. These complaints were largely ignored by other managers and the owners of the restaurant, with some of those who made complaints even being given more difficult tasks or suspended. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed suit after trying to reach a settlement. The $600,000 will be distributed among the 22 victims, and Sparks will also be required to revise their sexual harassment policy, add harassment training for employers and set up a hotline for complaints of discrimination to be made.

All too often, reports of harassment or discrimination go ignored by those with the power to change circumstances. Worse is when in an employee fears retaliation and so says nothing. Everyone deserves to feel safe when they go to work, and it is an employer’s duty to be sure that their workplace is free from harassment or discrimination of any kind.  Organizations like the EEOC exist to protect employees from being exploited or harassed, and their help or an experienced employment lawyer can help you to get the justice that you deserve.

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