Suspected Drunk Driver Held on Hefty Bail | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


In one of the most heartbreaking stories as of late, justice is being served where it needs to be. A suspected drunk driver killed Dennis Schulte and his wife Judy Schulte on Monday afternoon, and their daughter-in-law and newborn grandson are in intensive care as a result of the same tragic incident.

Now, their killer is being held on a staggering $2.5 million bail, as decided by a court hearing yesterday. Prosecutors were asking for $2 million. Mark W. Mullan is currently under investigation of vehicular homicide and vehicular assault, but hasn’t been formally charged for Monday’s events.

Mullan is claiming that he hit the Schultes in the Wedgwood neighborhood of Seattle because the sun was in his eyes and he was therefore unable to see them. But investigators say that he was most definitely drunk, and police reports indicate that his blood-alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit of .08.

At a blood-alcohol level of 0.18-0.25, severe effects are overtaking your mind and body:

• Confusion.
• Disorientation.
• Spells of dizziness.
• Exaggerated emotions.
• Disturbed vision.
• Lack of muscular coordination.
• Unable to walk without assistance.
• Slurred speech.
• Lethargy.

It is clear as day that Mullan should not have been driving in the condition that he was in. He was severely impaired and the last thing he should have done was get behind the wheel of a car. Remember, the legal limit in the state of Washington is .08. Don’t let yourself become Mullan… never drink and drive.