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Auto Accident Kills Power in Seattle | Kent Car Crash Lawyer

The deaths and injuries caused by distracted driving are higher than ever before. As a Renton Personal Injury Attorney, I’ve seen a lot of the repercussions that come from distracted driving. Texting behind the wheel, talking on a cell phone, or even changing the radio station has been the cause of thousands of deaths and […]

Yakima Car Crash | Bellevue Car Crash Attorney

Unfortunately, when bad weather comes to Seattle, the number of auto accidents goes up. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I’ve had very busy days at work defending victims of auto accidents after a storm. In fact, the snow storm that passed over Seattle just last week resulted in hundreds of auto accidents. Often times, the […]

Burien Car Crash Sends Woman to Harborview | Redmond Auto Crash Lawyer

Serving as a Kirkland car accident attorney and Renton wrongful death lawyer, helping victims of serious auto accidents has proved time and time again that most auto accidents are due to driver error. Whether the accidents are caused by a failure to stop, distracted driving, excessive speed or improper lane change, driver error is more often […]

Air Bags Prevent Kidney Injury | Seattle Car Crash Lawyer

After spending several years as a Kent auto accident attorney and helping the victims of serious  auto accidents recover, I have witnessed the massive injuries a severe car crash can cause. The ability of seat belts to prevent severe injuries have been known for years, but a new study shows that in addition to protecting an auto […]