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Mondays Mercer Mess | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

We Seattleites are no strangers to the infamous Mercer Mess. “Mess” may just be an understatement. With construction happening since what seems like forever ago, and expected to continue until the middle of 2015, we’re used to the catastrophic Mercer Street, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Today’s commute is expected to be […]

Cement Used for New 520 Plantoons Raises Concerns | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

Crossing the 520 Bridge is a daily routine for many Seattleites and Bellevue residents. Recently, we’ve seen construction cranes floating nearby in the lake, as preparations are being made for further construction of the bridge. Ash Grove Cement, which has been in the Seattle area for 131 years, made a bid to provide the cement […]

50% of Washington Jobs Regained | Seattle Employment Lawyer

Unemployment rates dropping certainly cannot be a bad thing. Especially when those changes are happening in this very state. Things have been looking up for Washingtonians, as the state has reportedly regained over 50% of the jobs that were cut during the recession. Last year, the construction sector experienced an overwhelming comeback, and created nearly […]