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Huge Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-90 | Seattle Wrongful Death Lawyer

The Premier Law Group offices are just off I-90 near Factoria, and as I drove into work yesterday morning, I couldn’t help but notice that the Westbound lanes were completely stopped and there were what looked like 10 emergency response vehicles lined up on the side of the road. As a Seattle auto accident lawyer I […]

Drunk Driver Leads WSP on 30 Mile High Speed Chase

As a Seattle auto accident lawyer working at a personal injury law firm, I have never understood what someone hopes to accomplish by leading police on a high speed chase. It seems as though more often than not they are caught and eluding the police is a felony charge, which means that whatever they would […]

Jackass Star Dies in Tragic Auto Accident

Drinking and driving continues to take thousands of lives every year, many of those lives are innocent victims that were at the wrong place at the wrong time. There is never a time when it is acceptable to drink and drive; risking your life, along with everyone else on the road is never worth it, […]

Drunk Father Has 13-Year-Old Son Drive Him Home

As a Seattle auto accident lawyer working at a Tacoma personal injury law firm, I have always been an advocate for stronger DUI laws and have made a point of telling people that are going out to drink to always make sure that they have a designated ride home. Auto accidents caused by drunk drivers […]

Yakima Car Crash | Bellevue Car Crash Attorney

Unfortunately, when bad weather comes to Seattle, the number of auto accidents goes up. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I’ve had very busy days at work defending victims of auto accidents after a storm. In fact, the snow storm that passed over Seattle just last week resulted in hundreds of auto accidents. Often times, the […]

Alcohol Poisoning Kills Teen | Seattle Car Crash Lawyer

Working as a Bellevue auto crash attorney I understand how dangerous drunk driving is and how commonplace teen drunk driving accidents are becoming. Statistics show that 31 percent of fatal teen auto accidents are the result of a drunk driver. The fatalities, however, are not only caused when teens get behind the wheel and drive under […]