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$325,000 Car Accident Settlement for this Mother of Four in Bellevue

back and neck injury

A Million-Dollar Insurance Policy and a $325,000 Car Accident Settlement for this Mother of Four in Bellevue Being injured in an accident is a very difficult experience. This was the experience of one of our clients. Tracy is a 37-year-old mother of two and stepmother of two. She’s also the caregiver for her mother and […]

Pedestrian Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver in Everett | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

On Monday night, two pedestrians were struck and one was killed on US 2 by a suspected drunk driver. The 24-year-old driver drove over a raised median, around metal pylons and onto the walkway. The car reached the woman first, and while she was merely bumped by the car’s side mirror the man was hit […]

Seattle Police Officer Cited for DUI | Seattle Car Crash Lawyer

As a Seattle personal injury attorney I can’t think of anything more disgraceful than a police officer driving under the influence and causing an auto accident. In 2010 alone Washington State had over 7,000 auto accidents caused by drunk drivers. Getting behind the wheel intoxicated is selfish and will continue to cause serious injuries and […]

Drunk Driver Smashes Into Building | Kirkland Auto Crash Lawyer

As a Bellevue car accident attorney and Issaquah personal injury lawyer, I cannot stress enough the importance of responsible driving. Approximately 30% of car accident fatalities result from drunk drivers. In 2008, drunk driving claimed the lives of nearly 12,000 U.S. citizens. Still, while the number drunk driving related accidents has decreased over the years, irresponsible […]

Increasing Driver Safety- Raising the Driving Age| Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

There are a million suggestions on how to reduce auto accidents and motorcycle accidents, also the injuries and deaths that accompany these accidents, but one that not many people have seemed to consider is raising the licensing age. For the more experienced generation (I know the teens out there are rolling their eyes and declaring us […]

Teen Car Accident Prevention| Seattle Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents plague our roadways on a daily bases leaving behind a destructive path of serious injury and death. There are hundreds of fatal car accidents every day in the United States; in fact, your chance of participating in one of these fatal car accidents in your lifetime is 1 in 75. Being an inexperienced teen […]

Hit and Run Kills Pedestrian | Snohomish County Wrongful Death Attorney

Hit-and-Run accidents and hit-and-run fatalities are some of the most tragic and devastating issues I have to work with as a Washington personal injury lawyer. But in fighting these cases, I pride myself in delivering justice to those that have been so wrongfully placed in these situations. This weekend in Everett, 45-year-old, Roberto Beltran, was […]