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Pedestrian Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver in Everett | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

On Monday night, two pedestrians were struck and one was killed on US 2 by a suspected drunk driver. The 24-year-old driver drove over a raised median, around metal pylons and onto the walkway. The car reached the woman first, and while she was merely bumped by the car’s side mirror the man was hit […]

Bellevue Car Crash Attorney | WSP Set Speed Traps

As a Seattle car accident attorney, I know that many accidents occur as a direct result of speeding along the highways. Marked speed limits are put in place for the safety of all drivers on the road and when someone violates these speeding laws, they are putting lives at risk including their own. According to […]

Are Texting and Driving Laws Working?| Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

Spending several years representing the victims of Washington auto accidents, I am constantly reminded how horrible distracted driving accidents are. With over 6 million accidents in the United States every year and a large portion of these caused by driver inattention it is no wonder that the government passes laws restricting activities such as texting while driving. […]

Drivers Exam has 20% Failure Rate?|Seattle Car Accident Lawyer

Being a King County car accident lawyer and helping victims of auto accidents constantly, I am always shocked by how inadequate our driver training system is. Legislation has been trying to increase traffic safety for decades, requiring driver training and students to pass both a written and demonstrative driving tests. This attempts to limit the number […]

Tragic University Place Car Accident Kills 3-year-old Toddler | Seattle Auto Accident Attorneys

It is tragic when drivers fail to see child pedestrians before the catastrophic car accident occurs. As a Washington car accident lawyer and a Bellevue personal injury attorney, I have seen far too many car accident cases involving minors. It saddens me knowing how easily some of these accidents could have been prevented. On Monday, […]