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Cash Cab Kills Pedestrian | Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

The program “Cash Cab” capitalizes on a formula of surprise – random people in need of a taxi are unknowingly picked up by the Cash Cab to become a contestant in a quick game for prizes. On July 15th, however, it was a driver of one such cab in Vancouver that was surprised, and ultimately, […]

Buckley Car Accident Leaves Two Injured

As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I have found that driving late at night and early in the morning presents added dangers that make driving less safe. There are a number of risks that are presented by driving when the sun is down. One of the most obvious problems is the fact that there is […]

Port Townsend Fatal Work Accident | Everett Injury Lawyer

About 1,000 workers lose their lives from fatal work site accidents every year, and if the trend Washington State has seen this year continues we are looking at a dramatic increase in this number. This year already Washington State has seen 7 on the job fatalities.  As a Seattle work injury lawyer and Washington wrongful […]

Uninsured Motorist Insurance- Why You Need Extra Coverage|Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer

mis·leadverb \ˌmis-ˈlēd\mis·led\-ˈled\mis·lead·ing transitive verb: to lead in a wrong direction or into a mistaken action or belief often by deliberate deceit The professions most commonly associated with being misleading are salesmen, politicians and, though I hate to admit it, lawyers, but I have witnessed more misleading behavior from insurance companies and their agents than you […]

Water Taxi Crash; 7 Injured |Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

When we take public transportation, it is easy to overlook the possibility that there might be an accident. As a King County accident lawyer, I have seen that while these accidents are relatively rare, when they do happen, the people involved are very vulnerable. Because buses and ferries do not have seat belts, there is not […]

Are Texting and Driving Laws Working?| Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

Spending several years representing the victims of Washington auto accidents, I am constantly reminded how horrible distracted driving accidents are. With over 6 million accidents in the United States every year and a large portion of these caused by driver inattention it is no wonder that the government passes laws restricting activities such as texting while driving. […]