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Pedestrian Killed by Suspected Drunk Driver in Everett | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney

On Monday night, two pedestrians were struck and one was killed on US 2 by a suspected drunk driver. The 24-year-old driver drove over a raised median, around metal pylons and onto the walkway. The car reached the woman first, and while she was merely bumped by the car’s side mirror the man was hit […]

Seattle Wrongful Death Attorney | Drunk Driving Kills Again

One life has been lost and another changed forever after a drunk driver killed a man in Washington State. As a Seattle personal injury lawyer I have seen far too many victims seriously injured after being hit by a drunk driver and I know how difficult it can be to get your life back on […]

Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer | Distracted Driving Kills Mom and Baby

For those of you that think your texting and driving skills are good enough that you won’t cause an accident, you are wrong. As a Seattle personal injury lawyer, I know that it is impossible to fully focus on driving while you are reading and/or sending a text message. Being distracted by anything, such as […]

Child Killed at Motocross Race | Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

5-Year-Old Killed at Grant County Motocross Race | Seattle Wrongful Death Lawyer As a Seattle personal injury lawyer I have seen just how devastating it is for a family to lose a loved one in an auto accident. During a motocross race at Ephrata Raceway Park in Grant County, one of the racers lost control […]

3-Month-Old Killed on I-5 | Seattle Wrongful Death Lawyer

A very sad and tragic accident occurred on I-5 over the weekend killing a 3-month old baby boy. As a Seattle wrongful death lawyer, I can’t even imagine how devastated his parents must be and I am appalled at the actions of the intoxicated driver that caused this deadly Seattle car accident. Washington State Patrol […]

How Much Does Marijuana Affect Driving Abilities?

As a Bellevue auto accident lawyer working at a Kirkland personal injury law firm, I see a lot of victims suffering from personal injuries because they were involved in an alcohol-related auto accident. Drunk driving is a serious problem around the country, but drugged driving is something that we don’t often hear about in the […]

Update: Shelby Niemela, Passenger From Rest Area Crash Dies

As a Seattle wrongful death lawyer working at a Kent personal injury law firm I think that it is part of my job to bring you stories about auto accidents that could have been avoided. Last week we told you about 20-year-old Shelby Niemela, who was critically injured in an auto accident when the truck […]