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Cash Cab Kills Pedestrian | Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

The program “Cash Cab” capitalizes on a formula of surprise – random people in need of a taxi are unknowingly picked up by the Cash Cab to become a contestant in a quick game for prizes. On July 15th, however, it was a driver of one such cab in Vancouver that was surprised, and ultimately, […]

New Study Reveals Interesting Statistics on Distracted Driving | Seattle Car Crash Attorney

Teens  Against Distracted Driving founder, Jason Epstein, discusses a new study that came out regarding distracted driving As a Bellevue car accident attorney, one of my main focuses is preventing distracted driving by educating drivers, both young and old, about the dangers of driving while distracted. As the month of April comes to a close, […]

The Fight Against Distracted Driving

Watching sitcoms from the 1980’s and 90’s depicts teenagers as always tying up the phone lines with the latest high school gossip. Now in the age of cell phones this has all changed and texting is now the main channel of communication among the younger generation. In fact, I bet the use of a land […]

Best way to Prevent 35,000 Deaths

The recent mechanical problem in some of Toyota’s models has subjected the company to much scrutiny by the media. While some motor vehicle accidents and deaths are caused by mechanical failure, the media dramatically inflated the problem and transferred the blame from human error to mechanical failure. There have been 15 deaths as a result […]