Over the last fifteen years there has been a big push across the nation to reduce the high number of fatal auto accidents. These efforts have been largely successful, steadily reducing the number of auto accident fatalities with the texting while driving epidemic on the incline, however, it is my fear as a Kirkland auto accident attorney that the number of fatal auto accidents will again increase.

A 19-year-old New York girl faces homicide charges after a texting while driving accident in September. Nachama Rothenberger struck and killed a man as he was stopped at a stop light. The 53-year-old victim, Tian Sheng Lin was delivering a food order for his restaurant on a moped when the texting while driving accident happened. Rothenberger did not see Lin stopped at the intersection when she plowed into his moped significantly damaging the hood and bumper of her vehicle and shattering the windshield.

The accident left Lin with a severe head injury and he was pronounced brain dead when emergency crews arrived.

Rothenberger told investigators she did not see Lin at the intersection when the texting while driving accident happened, upon further investigation, however, it was discovered that Rothenberger had received a text message just two minutes before the auto accident and a partially finished text message was left on her phone.

Rothenberger now faces a criminally negligent homicide charge which can lead to up to four years of prison if convicted.

This sad fatal auto accident shows how dangerous texting and driving truly is. It is because of sad stories such as this that I created Teens Against Distracted Driving (TADD). TADD is a program designed to educated teens on the harsh effects of texting while driving, and to gather pledges to refrain from using a cell phone while behind the wheel. Though this program was designed for teens, we will gladly take pledges from any age group and send you a bracelet in exchange for your pledge to be safe behind the wheel. Click on the link above to take the pledge!

Texting While Driving

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