Teen Car Accident Prevention| Seattle Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents plague our roadways on a daily bases leaving behind a destructive path of serious injury and death. There are hundreds of fatal car accidents every day in the United States; in fact, your chance of participating in one of these fatal car accidents in your lifetime is 1 in 75. Being an inexperienced teen driver has an even higher car accident risk with teen car accidents retaining the spot at the number 1 killer in the 16-24 age group. Being a parent to two young boys, I fear for the day when I will be forced to let them take the wheel on their own and venture out into the dangerous world of teen car accidents and drunk drivers. Though this is a very real fear for all parents there are some steps you can take to help instill safe driving habits in your teen and help make them better drivers.

Drivers’ education courses are required by law, but not all of these training courses are created equal and the enrollment in a good drivers-ed course does not cancel out parental involvement in the learning process. Letting your teen take the wheel often is essential to preparing them for the road and helping them realize and adjust to common road hazards is very important. But in addition to letting your teen get the practice behind the wheel they must have rules and consequences set and discussed before they venture out on their own. Setting curfews and rules regarding passengers and cell phone use will help keep driver distractions at bay and increase your teen’s responsibility.

To learn more about making your teen a safe driver read the article from esurance –  10 Tips for Teen Drivers. It contains a variety of helpful information and hints to help make your teen a safer driver. I know driving with a teen is a stressful experience for parents, but the fact remains without practice your teen will never have an opportunity to improve and their chances of being involved in an accident increase dramatically.