Teen Rolls Car, Killing 16-Year-Old Passenger | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


16-year-old Anthony Cornstock was described as “an all-around amazing person.” Just a junior in high school, he had lots of friends and a likable personality. Which is why the community of Stanwood is struggling to deal with the loss of his life. Cornstock was one of six teenagers in a car crash that happened over the weekend. He and the five others were on Pioneer Highway heading west when the 18-year-old driver completely lost control of her vehicle while turning a curve. While attempting to correct her steering, she overcorrected and rolled the car. Cornstock was dead on the scene and the only person who did not survive the accident. The other five teens were brought to the hospital with injuries. Law enforcement has determined that alcohol was not involved in the crash, but speed was most likely a factor.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the US. Every day, seven teens ages 16-19 died from motor vehicle injuries in the year 2010. That amounted to a total of 2,700 teen fatalities in that age group that year. An additional 282,000 received treatment from hospital emergency departments for their injuries acquired in motor vehicle crashes. Teens who have teenage passengers in their vehicles are more likely to get into wrecks.

While teens crave independence and their license gives them just that, as their parents and guardians, it is important for us to remember that they are still kids and they still need direction and supervision at times. You can make sure that your teen practices safe driving habits by occasionally riding along with them in the car and by setting an example yourself with your driving. Even though you have more experience behind the wheel, it is important that you always demonstrate good driving.

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