Terrified Elderly Woman Awoken by SWAT Team | Seattle Civil Rights Lawyer


Picture this: you’re in bed on a warm summer’s night, sleeping peacefully at 3 AM, when all of a sudden your window breaks and glass is shattering all over you. Before you know it, a rifle is being held to your head and a man is telling you he will blow your head off if you move. This is the scenario that Marlene Stivers, a 78-year-old Spanaway woman, describes as what happened to her in June of 2011. A Pierce County SWAT team was supposed to be raiding the house next door to Stivers’, where drug dealers and gang members were expected to be. They mistakenly entered the home of Stivers and her adult daughter, who has multiple sclerosis and is bedridden.

However, deputies are claiming that not everything that Stivers is saying occurred in her home that summer night is true. They say that when the window was broken, it was done so accidentally and that no guns were pointed at Stivers. Despite the lack of alignment of stories, Sivers is seeking damages for being assaulted during the incident, and emotionally distressed as a result of the incident. So far she has been paid “$600-some” for damages to her home.

Suit was filed by Stivers last week, and the amount she is seeking is close to $50,000.