Maddening, heavy traffic isn’t the only thing that gets to Seattle drivers. Potholes are a huge source of annoyance as well, so much so that they currently sit at the center of the mayor’s race. As of now, there are eight candidates in the race, including current Seattle mayor Mike McGinn. Candidate Tim Burgess, who is a Seattle City Council Member, claims that not enough is being done to fix the pothole problem in the city.

Mayor Mike McGinn disagrees. He says that over 115,000 potholes have been addressed and fixed during his term, and that they’ve “filled more potholes than ever before.” Burgess says that he would change the city’s approach to potholes, addressing them neighborhood by neighborhood. Presently, potholes are fixed after a complaint is filed. McGinn’s campaign argues that this is safest for the city.

Regardless of how they are fixed, potholes are a problem in Seattle and you should be prepared to drive with them. Here are some tips on how to reduce damage to your vehicle:
• Always make sure that your tire pressure is at the manufacturer’s recommendation.
• Be alert of puddles, which could actually be potholes.
• Slow down, and reduce the amount of damage.
• If adjusting or moving to avoid a pothole, beware of the traffic and vehicles around you.
• Brake lightly, or not at all when driving over a pothole. Braking hard can cause more damage.

We all dream of beautiful, pothole-free roads, but with the amount of traffic that is in Seattle, that dream is just that. If you know how to properly prepare for and handle potholes, you shouldn’t have a problem when you come across them.

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