8 Things to Do to Control Your Vehicle When You Hydroplane

Hydroplaning occurs when the tires on your car begin to ride on top of the water on the road instead of the surface of the road itself. Hydroplaning can happen anytime, even when the road is only slightly wet. When this transpires, the driver loses control of their vehicle. This can be extremely stressful when you are helpless to the push and pull of the road.

Most drivers don’t have a clear idea of what hydroplaning is and how to prevent it. Trying to avoid hydroplaning is not difficult when you know the signs to look out for. You can do a number of things to control your vehicle when it is raining or on wet roads so that you don’t lose control of your car. Keep reading for an overview of eight things to do that may help you the next time you are on a wet road.

How Can You Prevent Hydroplaning?

There are a multitude of ways in which you can prevent hydroplaning from happening to your vehicle during a heavy storm or after a storm has made the road wet enough for it to be a possibility.

1. Slow Down

Hydroplaning occurs when a car is traveling more than 35 miles per hour. When it begins to rain, it is best to slow down your speed. Driving as slow as 5-10 miles slower than the speed limit will reduce your chances of hydroplaning. Passing speeds that require you to speed up your car increase the risk of hydroplaning.

2. Regularly Rotate and Balance Your Tires

Keeping tires in good condition will keep you from hydroplaning as soon as the road gets wet. It is ideal to have tires rotated and balanced around seven to ten thousand miles or whenever you get your oil changed. Replacing your tires regularly with good quality tires can help avoid the risk of hydroplaning when your tires are too bald.

3. Don’t Use Cruise Control in the Rain

Cruise control shouldn’t be used when you are driving through a rainstorm or on a wet roadway. If you have your cruise control settings enabled and begin to hydroplane, it will take you additional time to disable the settings to get control of your car.

4. Avoid Puddles

Avoid any place on the road that has collected water, such as puddles. It takes only a small amount of water to lose control of your vehicle to hydroplane.

Sometimes hydroplaning is unavoidable, no matter the precautions you take. These tips can help you avoid the majority of the instances that can cause a hydroplaning incident.

How Can You Recover from Hydroplaning?

When your vehicle begins hydroplaning, there are a few steps you can take to try to recover your car before it you lose control of your car:

1. Take Your Foot off the Accelerator

Try to avoid using brakes to deal with car hydroplaning. Using the brakes on a wet road may cause your car to go completely out of your control.

2. Turn Your Steering Wheel with the Direction of the Hydroplane

When you notice your car hydroplaning, gently steer your wheel in the direction your car is being pulled. Doing this can help your tires realign with the road and naturally get out of a hydroplaning situation. This is a good tactic to get back control of your car.

3. Pay Attention to When Your Tires Reconnect with the Road

Avoid accelerating and pay close attention to when your tires reconnect with the road. Being patient can be the difference between you regaining control and a potential accident.

4. Pull Over If You Need To

After you’ve recovered from your hydroplaning incident, pull over if you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Drivers should be careful when driving on a wet roadway and take extra precautions to avoid hydroplaning. Going at a safe speed and keeping your tires in perfect shape can make all the difference in avoiding a hydroplaning accident.

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