Tito Ortiz Accepts Full Responsibility for Texting | Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

Let’s face it – sometimes driving can be boring, whether you’re stuck at a red light or have a long blank road in front of you in a 20 mph zone. You were in the middle of a conversation before you got in the car and your phone has beeped at you. Someone has said something that is possibly important and is waiting for your possibly important reply. As a Seattle auto accident attorney, I know that texting while driving is a dangerous, but all too common, occurrence. For some people, they have yet to learn their lesson, but for UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz, the cost would be $45,000 of damage to a $300,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Over the weekend, 36-year-old Ortiz was enjoying a day off with his son Jacob. They were cruising at a rate of 20 mph when Ortiz took out his phone to look at a text. According to Ortiz, “I let my attention slip for one second… I just couldn’t believe what I’d done.” Neither Ortiz nor his son were injured, but the damage to the car, Ortiz’s “pride and joy,” was substantial enough that Ortiz shed tears for it. Lucky for him, his success as a mixed martial artist can more than cover the cost, plus a fine of $20 for texting while driving.

Ortiz has learned first-hand the dangers of distracted driving and has accepted full responsibility for the auto collision. Clearly the lure of texting while driving is great, and even heroes such as Ortiz have fallen prey to it. But using his status as a role model for his fans across the world, Ortiz states, “Seriously, kids, don’t text and drive.” If the heartbreak Ortiz has felt over his car and the maturity with which he has handled the accident can keep even one less message answered on the road, he will be doing us all a great service.

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