Tragic Accident Near Maytown | Seattle Car Accident Attorney

As a Seattle car accident attorney, I cannot stress enough the importance of caution when inclement weather causes poor driving conditions. While it is generally obvious that ice and snow on the road are reasons to slow down, people sometimes overlook the possibility that hail and even rain can cause the roads to become slick as well. According to KIRO news, a tragic accident near Maytown on I-5 last night may have been caused by someone driving too fast for the conditions. A woman spun out during a hailstorm, and was hit and killed by a semi-truck. During the backup that this accident caused, there were at least five other accidents, with one resulting in another serious injury. The southbound lanes of I-5 were shut down for some time while the wreck was cleared up.

State Troopers indicated that the woman who originally spun out had been driving too fast for conditions, with the hail causing slickness on the road. Car accidents will happen, there is no way to eliminate them completely, but it is extremely important that each us, when driving, does everything possible to minimize the risk. In the case of bad weather, in many cases that simply means slowing down. I’m sure that most of us have had the experience of feeling a car that we were riding in suddenly slide on the pavement even with no ice. Snow, hail, and heavy rain can all cause cars’ tires to have trouble gripping the road. When these conditions are present, simply slowing down can help tremendously.

I hope that the people injured in this tragic accident are able to recover fully, and our thoughts go out to the family of the woman who died. These kinds of accidents are all the more tragic for the feeling that perhaps they could have been avoided.