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Driving late at night and into the early morning is usually much more dangerous than any other time of the day. For the most part, driving after the sun goes down has the potential to be more dangerous because of low visibility, drunk drivers, and a tendency to speed due to a lack of other cars on the road. These factors are a recipe for fatal car accidents, and have proven to be murderous time and time again.

Early last Saturday morning, two men died in a fatal car accident on I-5 after spinning out of control and hitting the back of a moving Seattle Fire Department medic vehicle. Police say that the car, driven by 23-year-old, Matthew Diven from Brier with his friend 23-year-old Jordan Swenson from Kennmore, was driving at a very high speed. The two people in the medic vehicle were taken to Harborview Medical Center . The medic driver, Stephanie McKay, sustained a skull fracture while her co-worker, Matthew Anderson, suffered a back injury.

In a situation as menacing as this one, I am very grateful that both occupants of the medic vehicle came out of the accident without serious injury. Drunk drivers take many innocent lives and are clearly still a problem that our society needs to find a way to control. It is always difficult to learn of lives lost in auto accidents. To help anyone facing a similar loss I have written a book with my colleague Patrick J. Kang which is a guide for families of Seattle wrongful death victims. The book is called, In Case of Death: Straight Talk on Washington Wrongful Death, and is available at no charge to Washington residents by clicking on the link above.

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