7 Ways You May Unknowingly Jeopardize Your Personal Injury Claim

When you file a personal injury claim, there’s always a chance that you will not recover compensation for your damages. Insurance companies often do everything in their power to either reduce the value or invalidate a personal injury claim. The ways in which you initially handle your personal injury claim, in developing it, and your actions while it’s pending, play a big role in the strength and likelihood of success of receiving compensation for damages. 

Working with a Washington personal injury lawyer can help you legally navigate complex claims with legal guidance and extensive knowledge in building a successful personal injury claim. We understand that personal injuries can be devastating to your physical, financial, and emotional health. Let us fight for the necessary compensation you deserve. Handling it alone leaves more room to unknowingly jeopardize your personal injury claim and potential compensation. Keep reading for actions to avoid when dealing with your claim. 

4 Ways You May Unknowingly Jeopardize Your Personal Injury Claim After an Accident 

You may unknowingly jeopardize your personal injury claim by handling specific steps after an accident inappropriately. The following are actions you should avoid: 

1. Giving Statements to Other Parties 

While your personal injury claim is ongoing, it is important to remember that insurance companies are not on your side, especially the at-fault parties insurance company. If you provide a recorded statement, this can be used against you in the future. 

It’s essential to know that you are not obligated to provide a recorded statement to any insurance company because anything you say can jeopardize your claim. When you work with a Washington personal injury lawyer, they will handle all matters of communication with all other parties involved. 

2. Not Seeking Medical Attention After an Accident 

Not seeking medical care after an accident can hurt your claim in the long run. When getting treatment after an accident, it establishes a clear link between the accident and your injuries. Even if symptoms are dormant after the accident, it is best to promptly get medical care to strengthen your case. 

3. Suspending Medical Treatment 

Continuing medical treatment until a doctor notifies you of maximum medical recovery is incredibly important in a personal injury claim. If you suspend treatment against a doctor’s advice, this could jeopardize the entirety of your claim. This means that you have to adhere to every appointment and medical visit as scheduled. There should not be any gaps in medical treatment post-accident, or it can be used against you and diminish the credibility of your claim. 

4. Signing Over Medical Authorization 

When you sign over medical authorization, you give insurance companies access to all of your past medical histories, even to those that do not pertain to the incident at hand. You have a right to privacy when it comes to your health and medical records, and the only documentation the insurance companies need to see are those that directly pertain to your accident. If you sign over medical authorization, insurance companies can link old injuries to your current symptoms. 

Other Ways to Jeopardize a Personal Injury Claim in Washington

Other ways that you may jeopardize your personal injury claim are specific to the actions you take post-accident. The following are additional ways you could potentially diminish or void your claim: 

1. Lying About Your Accident 

If speaking to an insurance adjuster, you may need to answer the questions they ask strategically, but you need to avoid lying about any details regarding the incident. Lying about your accident or injury can potentially void your claim. If you are talking to your own insurance adjuster, such as a PIP claim after being injured in an accident, this could potentially result in a cancellation of your policy. 

2. Posting Your Accident on Social Media 

Posting on your social media post-accident can jeopardize your personal injury claim in many ways. For instance, insurance companies and legal teams may be scouring the internet for anything to use to void your claim. Anything you say about the accident can be used against you. Even innocent posts involving activities that don’t pertain to your accident can be used to reason that you are not as terribly injured as you claimed.

3. Failing to Provide Adequate Evidence to Support Your Claim 

Building a successful personal injury claim requires evidence to prove that the at-fault party’s actions caused your injuries. Proving negligence can be complex, but it is necessary to show that the at-fault parties’ direct actions caused an injury that could have been prevented otherwise. Proving too little evidence in linking the accident to your injuries can invalidate your claim. 

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Personal injury claims can be complex. Speaking with an experienced Washington personal injury lawyer can be beneficial in building a strong case toward a successful claim. The legal team at Premier Law Group is detail-oriented and well-versed in the most complicated personal injury cases and can provide insightful legal guidance to obtain compensation for the damages endured in an accident. 
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