Video: Is the insurance company spying on me?

A question that people sometimes ask when they are pursuing a personal injury claim is, “If I’ve been in an auto accident, is the insurance company spying on me?” The answer is, maybe! There are certain cases where the insurance company will decide that they want to set up surveillance on someone to see if the injuries or conditions that they’re claiming are actually valid. I’ve represented people on cases where there was a private investigator hiding in the bushes with a video camera, recording my client doing things like taking his kids to school, going to work, even getting his car washed. And the idea is, that if they find the injured person doing something that they claim they couldn’t do, then they’ll show the video to the jury and say, hey, look, this guy is making this up, or he’s exaggerating, or it’s not true.

So the first thing to take away from this is, if you’ve been in an auto accident, don’t exaggerate your injuries in the claims you’re making. The second thing is, always be aware that anything you do or say may be recorded by an insurance company, so be sure that you’re accurately claiming what your injuries really are.

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