Video: I have PIP coverage. What doctor should I see?

Today I’m going to answer a common question, “I’ve got PIP coverage; what doctor should I go to?” Here’s the cool thing about PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage. PIP coverage is a coverage that is mandated by law in Washington State to be offered to you by your insurance company, and in fact, the law is that you get PIP coverage unless you sign a written waiver saying that you reject PIP coverage. Often people don’t think they have PIP coverage when they actually do.

If you do have PIP coverage and you’ve been in an accident, PIP is a no-fault coverage that will pay for your medical bills that are reasonable, necessary, and related to the automobile accident in question. Now here’s the cool thing about PIP, and what makes PIP different than, say, your health insurance. With PIP coverage you can go see any doctor you want. You don’t need any sort of special referral. You don’t need to see anyone in network. You get to choose the doctor you want. You can go see them, and PIP will pay for it.

So the shorter answer is, with PIP coverage you can go see anybody that you want to see. If you have any more questions, give us a call at 206-285-1743 to talk to a member of our experienced staff, and don’t forget to look at our selection of free legal resources.