Water Taxi Crash; 7 Injured |Seattle Personal Injury Lawyer

When we take public transportation, it is easy to overlook the possibility that there might be an accident. As a King County accident lawyer, I have seen that while these accidents are relatively rare, when they do happen, the people involved are very vulnerable. Because buses and ferries do not have seat belts, there is not much to stop the momentum of people inside the vehicle other than seats and windows. There are also a number of ways that public transportation accidents may happen. The driver of the vehicles are human just like anybody else, and are at risk of making a simple driving mistake that could put everybody else on the bus or ferry at risk and lead to passenger injury. There is also the potential for mechanical failure, which may have been the case last Sunday when a King County water taxi was unable to break before crashing into a pier.

Holding many passengers on the way to the Seahawks game last Sunday, a water taxi heading from West Seattle to Downtown crashed into pier 50, sending many passengers into the walls and windows of the ferry leading to passenger injury. Travelling at 7 mph, the impact was great enough to lead to passenger injuries that sent 7 of the 73 passengers to the hospital. Others received minor injuries, and nobody sustained anything that is considered life-threatening. The water taxi tried stopping it’s momentum by thrusting back into reverse, but the engine was unresponsive. Records show that this same water vessel had a minor docking accident in June, but was inspected a few times since then, including just days before this latest crash. A coast guard who saw the accident on the way to the Seahawks game, jumped into the water to help out any injured passengers. When he got on board, he said that people were frantic and “there were some contusions and bleeding.”

People suffering passenger injuries in public transit accidents have every right to seek monetary compensation to pay for their damages. If you are ever in such an accident and would like to speak to an experienced Seattle personal injury lawyer, give Premier Law Group a call at 206-285-1743. We offer free initial consultations, so you can get the advice you need on your potential case without having to pay anything for it.