What Are Likely Outcomes of a T-bone Accident in Washington?

Side-impact collisions, or “T-bone” car accidents, can occur to just about anyone. These collisions can be scary and can often result in severe injury or fatality. A street intersection is the most common location of a collision like this, and it can catch the driver unexpectedly.

T-bone car accidents account for 23% of vehicular passenger deaths, and accidents like these are also responsible for 4.4 million people annually requiring medical attention after a serious collision. This can cause victims of T-bone accidents physical and emotional injuries for years afterward. If you’ve experienced a side-impact collision due to someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to damages associated with your medical bills and lost wages.

How Does a T-Bone Accident Occur?

A T-bone accident occurs when a vehicle is hit directly on its side by another vehicle, resulting in a “T” shape. Sometimes these types of accidents involve more than two vehicles. They are caused by negligence to obey a stop sign or red stoplight and impact a car traveling in the perpendicular direction.

Generally, these accidents occur at full speeds and are very dangerous for this reason. This results in the cars being hit with the full force and weight of the incoming car, crumbling the side of the victim’s car inward. Although some manufacturers have thoughtfully inserted side panel airbags, most of the cars on the roadway only have airbags that deploy for the driver’s side section of the vehicle. This causes the passengers to be unprotected and at risk for serious injury during a T-bone accident.

The common causes of a T-bone accident can be varied but often result in the severe impact that causes trauma and sometimes death in passengers. Causes of side-impact collisions are:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Distracted driving
  • Running red lights and speeding
  • Fatigued driving
  • Aggressive drivers
  •  Bad weather
  • Hazardous roadways and intersections
  • Failing to yield

While it’s impossible to completely prevent T-bone accidents from occurring, staying vigilant and watching intersections for dangerous behaviors will reduce your chances of being a victim in one of these accidents.

What Injuries Can You Sustain in a T-Bone Accident?

With the high-speed, minimal reaction time associated with T-bone accidents, injuries from these types of accidents tend to be particularly severe, especially for children who are unprotected on the opposing side of the car without an airbag. At intersections, there is also a possibility for multiple collisions with multiple impact points.

Because of the severe nature of these collisions, victims of negligent driving that result in T-bone accidents are entitled to compensation due to damages sustained during the accident for their medical bills. How fast and where the vehicle experienced the damage influences the severity of the injuries sustained by the vehicle’s occupants. Injuries could possibly include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Traumatic back and neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Wrongful death

After an accident, always contact emergency medical services. Even if you don’t immediately notice injuries, medical professionals will be able to check you over and ensure you are good to go. Involved in a T-bone accident? Contact our personal injury attorney for legal representation. We will fight for the justice you deserve!

Who is At-Fault for a T-Bone Accident in Washington?

The primary determinant of who is liable for a T-bone accident is who violated the right of way. There are other factors that influence this decision as well, like who violated the right of way can vary depending on the type of circumstances. In Washington, comparative negligence laws limit the amount of compensation a driver can receive if they’ve violated the right of way. This law allows multiple parties to share the blame for the accident but can be influenced by a traffic violation.

Determining negligence is complex, and footage of the traffic violations is often scrutinized to determine fault in a specific case, even if the party sustained severe injuries in the accident. If the driver made one of these common mistakes that led to the accident, they may be responsible for your damages:

  • They ran a stop sign
  • They ran a red light
  • They did not yield upon entering the busy roadway
  • They did not slow down at a yellow light
  • They did not come to a stop at a yield sign
  • They did not yield at a yellow light to turn left 

Car accident lawyers will gather evidence related to the liable party’s responsibility in order to develop your claim. Proof of liability can be the police report of who caused the accident, medical records, work records, and any other records that could show emotional damage you’ve suffered after the accident.

If both parties are at fault, comparative negligence laws will allow you to receive some compensation due to your damages.

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