What Can I Do if I Was Injured by an Uninsured Motorist in Washington?

There is no way to predict a car accident. Even if you are cautious behind the wheel, there is a chance that someone else on the road may be reckless, negligent, or otherwise unaware of the dangers around them. In these cases, both you and your loved ones may end up seriously injured.

The shock of a car accident can often make it difficult to determine how you should proceed. If you take careful steps to protect yourself and your loved ones, though, you can take care of everyone’s health while also making post-accident care and recovery simpler, even in accidents involving uninsured drivers.

What is Washington State’s Stance on Uninsured Drivers?

Washington state operates on the concept of fault. This means that witnesses to a car accident will determine which of the parties involved bears the most responsibility for the accident as a whole. In turn, that party will be expected to use their insurance to compensate other injured drivers.

However, matters grow more complicated when the driver deemed liable for an accident is uninsured. These drivers may face legal fines on top of the financial responsibilities the state claims they owe to other drivers. These fines reflect Washington state’s expectation that its drivers have minimum liability coverage before taking to the road. Uninsured drivers who are subsequently charged with fault after an accident may also have their licenses suspended.

How to File for Post-Accident Compensation

Parties injured in a roadway accident involving an uninsured driver are not out of luck. If these drivers have uninsured or underinsured policy coverage, they can turn to their insurance providers to help them contend with medical bills and property damage.

That said, drivers who feel as though the offered compensation will not see to their needs may have the right to file a legal complaint. To establish a post-car accident legal complaint, interested parties can connect with a Washington attorney. During an initial consultation, interested parties can use evidence to allege liability and to present an estimate of their losses before a Washington court. Should the court choose to carry the suit forward – provided that the suit was submitted within Washington’s statute of limitations of three years – then the injured party can press for further compensation.

Discuss Your Case with a Washington Car Accident Lawyer

Uninsured motorists can do significant damage to your property while also endangering you and your loved ones. If you want to seek compensation based on your post-accident losses, you have the right to do so. To determine what your best course of action looks like and how you can go about working with Washington courts, consider sitting down with the team at Premier Law Group. Our Washington car accident lawyer will strive to protect your rights, provide you with expert advice and support you as you navigate through the process of seeking post-accident compensation. You can discuss your accident with an attorney and determine what kind of compensation your future complaint may detail. To set up a case consultation, you can call (206) 880-7518 or complete our contact form.