Why can’t I gather my own records?

The aftermath of an accident is a trying, stressful time. Sometimes you will feel like you have to do something, anything, be useful in moving your case forward. When it comes to obtaining your own medical records, however, we advise our clients to leave that to us. There are a couple reasons for this.

1) We aim to establish an “unbroken chain” of evidence to prove your injuries are real and serious. If we collect all the paperwork, it is much harder for the insurance company’s legal team to poke holes in the credibility of your records should your case go to trial.

2) We can spot problems with your records right away. Most accident victims have dealt with very few, if any, serious accidents during their lifetime. One or two per lifetime is difficult enough. Experienced Seattle personal injury attorneys, however, will deal with hundreds or thousands of cases per year. This means that a knowledgeable attorney will know how to identify problems with your records, ranging from incomplete or incorrect records to missing records that should have been requested.

Medical records are one of the absolute most important pieces of evidence in a trial. You’ll get the best possible outcome by leaving your records requests to an experienced, knowledgeable attorney.

So how can you be pro-active about moving your case forward? Focus on getting better. Your health is your highest priority because what you lose, you can’t get back. Seek medical treatment, attend all your appointments, and do what your care provider says.

Remember this one important thing!

There is one thing can endanger your case more than anything else, and it can happen right at the beginning. After you file your claim, you will soon hear from an insurance adjuster. It is important that you do not speak to the adjuster or sign any forms they send you without first speaking to an attorney. You could be making statements that will be twisted and used against you in the courtroom, or signing away your right to claim fair compensation for your injuries, losses, and time away from work. The insurance company is not your friend. They are most concerned about paying as little as possible to increase their profits, and they’ll use every dirty trick in the book. Make sure you’re empowered with knowledge by getting your questions answered before heading into a fight with the insurance company. Want more information? Visit our Seattle, Bellevue, or Vancouver office or call 206-285-1743.