Woman Jumps into I-405 Traffic | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


I’m fairly certain that most of us wouldn’t “jump” at the chance to jump out of a moving vehicle, especially if said vehicle is traveling on I-405 during rush hour. But that’s precisely what a 44-year-old woman did this morning. The car she was riding in was driving north on the interstate, near the NE 85th Street interchange.

Troopers reported that the woman unbuckled her seat belt but was reprimanded by the driver of the car, and put it back on. However, she took it off for a second time, and that time, opened the back door and jumped from the vehicle. This startled many drivers on the road, but especially a semi truck driver who nearly ran her over. He had been driving on 405 when the woman rolled out in front of him. He had to quickly slam on his brakes, and his truck nearly jackknifed. He then exited his truck, and helped the woman out of the road. All the while, his truck blocked traffic, preventing further accidents. A single van did run into the stopped truck, but no one was hurt.

Investigations into the incident are still ongoing. It is unclear as to why the woman jumped out of the moving car in the first place.

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