Woman Speeding at 100 MPH Crashes into Fence | Seattle Auto Accident Attorney


When will people learn that it’s best to just pull over when you are being chased by the cops? Apparently never. Police at Joint Base Lewis-McChord were pursuing a woman when she crashed into a fence over the weekend. She had reportedly attempted to back up on I-5 when officers began the chase. When they tried to pull her over, she drove away at erratic speeds. She was taken to the hospital but her condition has not been released. She was said to be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

The suspect was driving at speeds surpassing 100 miles per hour. When you are driving at speeds that fast, you are putting yourself and those around you in grave danger. It takes nearly 800 feet for you to stop completely, and even more so if you have a heavy load, tires that need replacing, or brakes that or worn. A car travelling at 100 miles per hour covers more than 140 feet per second. Speeding can be exhilarating, we know this. But it is dangerous above all else. Put your life and your safety first.