Woman’s SUV Totaled by Patrol Car | Seattle Auto Accident Lawyer


When a Chevy Tahoe crashed into Rikki Meneely’s Kia Sportage on Monday, totaling the compact SUV, she didn’t expect the driver of the other vehicle to be a Sheriff’s Deputy. Meneely, of Ocean Shores, was driving home on Highway 109 when the Tahoe crossed the center line. The Tahoe turned out to be a Gray’s Harbor sheriff’s patrol car. The driver was sheriff’s Deputy Rich Cork.

Meenely was taken to the hospital with minor bumps and bruises, but was not badly injured despite the extensive damage to her vehicle. Deputy Cork just had bumps and bruises as well and has taken some time to recover. What led Cork to drift in his patrol car is unknown. According to fellow Sheriff Rick Scott, Cork doesn’t remember what happened or how he lost control of his vehicle. An investigation is being conducted into the accident, and the department hopes that it will lead them to some answers.

Cork was not speeding, as he was not driving towards an emergency when the incident occurred. He was on a routine call. Cork was, however, not wearing his seatbelt.

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