Settle Your Own Injury Case – Free eBook

Other attorneys get angry when they hear me say this: You may not need a lawyer!

settle your own personal injury case

Want to know a secret most lawyers will NEVER tell you? Most personal injury cases do not require the assistance of a lawyer. You may be be able to save a lot of money by settling your personal injury case on your own. Most auto accidents result in minor injuries. You can get a satisfactory settlement from the insurance company if you know how to present your case.

We can’t honestly tell you that settling your own case with the insurance company is the best idea. An experienced personal injury attorney knows how the corporate insurance industry works and how they try to undercut the value of your case. But if you want to try to settle your own personal injury case, this book can provide you with valuable information taken from the authors’ many years of experience recovering settlements and jury awards for accident victims.

In this free book, Settle Your Own Injury Case, you’ll get answers to these questions:

  • The ten insider secrets that the insurance companies hide from you.
  • “Can I get money from my insurance company to pay my medical bills?”
  • “How do I figure out the true value of my case?”
  • “What documents will I need to collect to support my claim?”
  • “Can I file a lawsuit against the insurance company and represent myself in court?”

This book even includes an additional appendix with samples for:

  • A demand letter
  • A medical authorization letter
  • A summary of treatments
  • A lost wages claim
  • A police report request

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