Case Results

$4.5 million
Semi-Truck Accident
The semi-truck smashed into the back of John's car, sandwiching him into the car in front of theirs. Semi-truck accidents like this are the stuff of nightmares and are often times fatal. John and his wife were rushed to the hospital and immediately taken into emergency care. Fortunately they both survived, and are alive and well today. Johns' injuries however have forever altered the rest of his life.
$2 Million
Wrongful Death
G.H., an 83-year-old retiree, was a kind and selfless individual known for his unconditional love and support for his family. Tragically, he lost his life trying to help others during a storm when a tree maintained by a mobile home park fell on him. Despite prior knowledge of the decaying trees, the mobile home park failed to take action. G.H.'s family fought for justice and ultimately received a total recovery of $2 million for his estate.
$1.3 Million
Employment Law
FD, nurse, civil rights activist, and president of the Hayward, California, branch of the NAACP sued two Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputies and Prison Health Services, Inc. for violations of her First Amendment rights under the Civil Rights Act of 1871. She claimed that she was harassed and retaliated against by the deputies after she spoke out about how some of the nurses were being treated by the management at Prison Health Services at the Alameda County jail in Dublin.
$1.05 Million
Truck Accidents
MT, a surveyor for a large construction company, was gathering equipment from his work van. At the very last second, MT saw a pickup truck speeding toward him and could not move out of the way in time. The pickup truck ran MT over and he was dragged approximately 20 feet.
$1 Million
Car Accidents
In Newcastle, Washington, GL was driving her SUV on Coal Creek Parkway when she was rear-ended by another vehicle. The car accident seriously injured GL and emergency bladder surgery was required.
Car Accidents
The Plaintiff was rear-ended in stop-and-go traffic when the defendant driver looked down to grab her cell phone from her purse. Upon inspection of the cars, neither car had any visible damage. Nevertheless, Plaintiff immediately felt discomfort in her low back. After a two-week jury trial, the jury awarded the Plaintiff $575,000.
Car Accidents
The Plaintiff, a Canadian citizen, was on his way to a spring break vacation when he was hit head-on by a drunk driver in Seattle. The Plaintiff suffered many extensive injuries. The Plaintiff obtained a settlement of $560,000.00 combined from the third-party carrier for the drunk driver and the underinsured motorist carrier.
Car Accidents
The Plaintiff suffered neck, back, and shoulder injuries when the defendant driver pulled out from a parking lot right in front of the Plaintiff’s truck. With no time to stop, the Plaintiff t-boned the defendant driver’s vehicle, resulting in permanent injuries and disabling injuries to the Plaintiff’s shoulder and neck.
Employment Law
Patrick Kang obtained a jury verdict in the amount of $456,800 against Farmers Insurance Exchange for disability discrimination.
Employment Law
Premier Law Group represented nine men who worked in various positions with General Dynamics Land Systems, a defense contractor for the federal government in its Stryker program.
Car Accidents
Patrick Kang obtained a jury verdict in the amount of $450,000 against Allstate Insurance. Patrick represented JM in a trial against her own insurance company.
Car Accidents
Patrick Kang and Jason Epstein obtained a verdict against Farmers Insurance Co. of Washington for a total judgment of $344,000 after a three-day jury trial for a rear-end car accident caused by an uninsured driver.
Commercial Truck Accidents
The Plaintiff, a tractor-trailer driver, was sideswiped by another tractor-trailer when that driver failed to pay attention and made an unsafe stop on the freeway. The Plaintiff’s tractor-trailer was then rear-ended by another tractor-trailer that was not following at a safe distance. The Plaintiff obtained a $310,000.00 settlement at mediation.
Car Accidents
While walking through a parking lot on the way to her local library, DK was struck by a car backing out of a parking spot. Not only did DK make a full recovery from the accident injuries, but we also recovered the insurance limits from the driver of the vehicle that hit DK and DK’s underinsured motorist limits on her auto insurance policy, which resulted in a total recovery of $238,335.
Car Accidents
$211,637.53 was recovered for a minor who was involved in a rollover van accident.
Car Accidents
JH underwent an L5-S1 laminectomy and discectomy related to an injury that he suffered on the job. Two weeks later, on his way to a post-surgery physical therapy appointment, JH was involved in a car accident.
Car Accidents
SA was driving down an arterial street when a vehicle attempted to make a left-hand turn in front of him. SA could not avoid the collision in time and struck the other vehicle in a T-bone accident. The defense tendered their $100,000 insurance policy limits to SA.
Other Injuries
SC and his family became ill after eating at a local restaurant. The food poisoning caused SC uncontrollable vomiting and he was taken to the hospital for a short time. It took SC two days to be able to return back to work. The restaurant accepted fault, and a settlement of $37,500 was reached.