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6 Ways to Avoid Personal Injuries at Concerts in Washington

Concert goers avoiding common injuries at Seattle event.

For many people, going to concerts is a pastime. You may travel the state, country, or even the world to get to that long-awaited show and see that artist that will make it all worth it. However, through all the music and excitement, there’s always the potential to get hurt. Concert venues, while typically large, […]

Can I File a Wrongful Death Claim for a Loved One in Washington?

Wrongful death documents with a stethoscope and medication.

Accidents happen every day, but we don’t usually anticipate an accident resulting in someone we love losing their life. We are never fully prepared for the heartbreak. Understandably, we wouldn’t be prepared for the numerous expenses that follow, either. Recovering compensation through a wrongful death claim may be the best way to cover these expenses.  […]

5 Most Common Construction Site Hazards in Washington

Construction is difficult, dangerous, and demands a high level of expertise and training. Workers aren’t the only ones responsible for keeping things safe on a construction site. Construction sites are teeming with potential hazards. Federal safety regulations must be obeyed and appropriate safety procedures must be implemented to guarantee that workers can leave a job […]

Premier Law Group Supports Women’s Rights and Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Logo

At Premier Law Group, we believe strongly in women’s rights. That’s why we are proud to announce that we will be donating $100 to Planned Parenthood for every woman on our staff. This donation is our way of supporting the vital work that Planned Parenthood does in providing reproductive health care and education to women […]

Brookfield Local School District Supports TADD During Prom Promise Week

Teens Against Distracted DrivingTADD

Brookfield High School in Ohio celebrated their 2022 Prom Promise week event for their junior and senior classes. Premier Law Group was honored to be involved through the distance, sending Teens Against Distracted Driving pledges to support the school’s cause to keep their students and community safe on the roads. Prom Promise week was filled […]

Ways a Medical Diagnosis Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

Medical Diagnosis Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim

Seeking urgent medical attention after an accident is a necessary part of initiating a personal injury claim. Not only do you get the treatment you need, but you also link the accident you experienced to your sustained injuries. Making sure your medical professionals’ notes, diagnosis, and treatment plan accurately reflect your needs can also strengthen […]