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Man Tasered for Being by His Own Car | Seattle Car Accident Lawyer

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You would hope that you wouldn’t get Tasered when trying to get into your own car, but that is exactly what happened to Jerry Cox in Santa Barbara, California last month. Cox was standing by his SUV when he was approached by a Santa Barbara police officer. The police officer reportedly thought that Cox was […]

Seattle Stomps Drone Program | Seattle Civil Rights Attorney

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Amidst much controversy and uproar from residents and activist groups, Seattle mayor Mike McGinn has decided to shut down the Seattle Police Department’s drone program. A year ago, President Obama signed a bill that approved the use of drones to be flown in the United States, and Seattle took advantage of the opportunity. However, Mayor […]

UK Man Arrested For Driving With 2 Cell Phones | Seattle Car Crash Lawyer

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As a Seattle car accident lawyer I have seen far too many victims that were injured in an accident with a distracted driver. Although cell phone usage is illegal in many states throughout the United States a lot of drivers still choose to ignore the laws causing serious auto accidents. In an example of flagrantly […]

Washington Man Killed By Wrong Way Driver

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It looks as though the daily trend of motorcyclists either being critically injured or killed is going to continue this week. As a Seattle motorcycle accident attorney working at a Redmond wrongful death law firm I know that once the weather gets nice the motorcyclists come out in full force. I know that a lot […]

Update: Shelby Niemela, Passenger From Rest Area Crash Dies

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As a Seattle wrongful death lawyer working at a Kent personal injury law firm I think that it is part of my job to bring you stories about auto accidents that could have been avoided. Last week we told you about 20-year-old Shelby Niemela, who was critically injured in an auto accident when the truck […]

Jackass Star Dies in Tragic Auto Accident

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Drinking and driving continues to take thousands of lives every year, many of those lives are innocent victims that were at the wrong place at the wrong time. There is never a time when it is acceptable to drink and drive; risking your life, along with everyone else on the road is never worth it, […]

Port Angeles Intentional Assault Auto Accident

| Blog, Personal Injury

In Washington State, there were 103,000 car accidents reported in 2009. Almost 35 percent resulted in an injury of someone involved, and 2,241 were considered to be serious injuries.  As a Kirkland auto accident lawyer in a Seattle injury law firm, I know that unsafe driving is a factor that results in serious auto accidents. […]