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Cervical radiculopathy after a car accident

Auto accident injuries can come in many different forms. Virtually any part of your body is vulnerable to the risk of injury. Trauma can have many different affects on your body. Spinal injures, such as cervical radiculopathy, are frequently the result of car accidents. Receiving this diagnosis from your doctor can be daunting, simply because you may not know what it means for you and your future quality of life.

5 Benefits of Hiring an ADA Attorney in Bellevue

ADA Attorney Bellevue

Are you familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the rights and protection that it outlines for each and every disabled worker? Do you know the benefits of hiring an ADA attorney? If you or a loved one has had their employment wrongfully terminated due to a disability, you need to seek legal representation […]

Federal Way Couple T-Boned In Auto Accident

It has been an honor for Premier Law Group to help Estrella and Fernando C. win nearly $100,000 for their auto accident case. Being in a car crash is a scary experience, and dealing with the complicated legal system that follows is a daunting task. As fellow locals of Federal Way, Estrella and Fernando knew […]

Auto Accident In Federal Way Gives Woman Permanent Injuries

A woman was permanently injured following an auto accident in Federal Way. Unfortunately, we help people every day who experience this same tragedy. Fortunately for Michelle G, however, she called the right place. Our expert auto accident lawyers knew what to do, and fought hard on Michelle’s behalf. The driver who hit her didn’t have insurance, so the […]

Federal Way Woman Accidentally Shot

It’s not every day that a Federal Way woman is accidentally shot, and cases like this don’t come around often. Although this was outside the typical auto accident claims we help people with every day, our expert personal injury lawyers knew the right course of action, and are honored to have worked with Federal Way […]

$500,000 Pedestrian Accident Settlement in Bellevue

Bellevue Pedestrian Accident Attorneys

$500,000 Pedestrian Accident Settlement in Bellevue Premier Law Group of Bellevue is honored to have won a $500,000 pedestrian accident settlement in Bellevue for Elsa W.  This case is a great lesson in car insurance limits and a story of never giving up. Elsa is an elderly woman in her 80s and she was crossing […]

Head On Collision In Bellevue Leads To $235,000 Settlement

Premier Law Group is proud to fight on behalf of the people of the Seattle and Bellevue area. Jason and the team were all born and raised right here in Washington, and are dedicated to helping fellow Washingtonians. Recently, we helped another Bellevue local named Andrew S. in receiving a $235,000 settlement for his head […]

Driving In Washington State During Inclement Weather

Auto accidents in Washington state happen all year long throughout the different seasons, however the most likely time for someone to find themselves in a car crash, regardless of the time of year, is during inclement weather. We wrote this article to help educate you on some of the dangers and risks involved when driving […]