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Due to the sheer size of large trucks these days, trucking accidents can be especially dangerous to those involved. We are fortunate enough to have natural harbors that serve as some of the most important trading ports in the nation. Due to the amount of cargo that goes in and out of these ports, it follows that there is a large amount of trucking in the state as well. Because of this, drivers in Washington are more at risk of being in a trucking accident than people in most states West of the Mississippi.

Washington trucking accidents are more common than you would think, and you have come to the right place if you have been involved in one of these accidents. Trucking accidents tend to cause very serious injuries, which makes the insurance claim process much more difficult. In order to get the compensation you deserve, it is oftentimes necessary to hire an experienced trucking accident attorney.

Our experienced Vancouver, Bellevue, Federal Way and Seattle trucking accident lawyers have spent their entire careers fighting insurance companies on behalf of accident injury victims. We understand that it is not always clear whether or not to hire an attorney, so we offer free initial consultations to injury victims and give the honest and experienced advice they need to get their claim on the right track.

Truck Accident Statistics

Last year in the State of Washington, there were 1,428 trucking accidents, meaning that there were almost 4 per day. While this may not seem like a high number, imagine the damage that can occur to you and your car if a negligent truck driver hits you. 55 of these accidents led to fatalities, and 160 led to serious injuries. Of all traffic related fatalities nationwide, 12% are caused by trucking accidents, and 98% of the time it is someone in the vehicle, not the truck, who dies as a result.

We Help Get You Compensation After a Truck Accident in Washington

It would be considered a wrongful death case if the truck driver was at fault for an accident that resulted in the death of someone else. We understand what a devastating loss this is to family members of the victim, and our experienced Washington wrongful death attorneys would like to do whatever we can to help you out. Check out our Wrongful Death page for more information. There is not much you can do to avoid an accident if a negligent truck driver hits you. The insurance companies that represent the truck driver will fight as hard as they can to lower or deny your case. At Premier Law Group, we know how insurance companies work, and our experienced trucking accident lawyers have been very successful in the past at getting our clients the money they deserve.

We know that the aftermath of a truck accident can be the worst time of your life. It can be stressful and overwhelming. You may be uncertain about where to turn or what to do next. Contact us. Whether we ultimately handle your case or not, we want to help.

“Premier Law Group takes each case we handle personally. We care for our clients as if they were our family and friends, and we fight hard to obtain what is fair for them.”

Jason Epstein

Personal Injury Attorney, Premier Law Group, PLLC

How Premier Law Group Will Help You

First, we will help you decide whether you even need a lawyer – if you can settle your case on your own, our free book can help provide the guidance you need to do just that. For more complex cases, you will want to have an attorney to gain the best settlement possible. Remember, the trauma you experience right after an accident can be the tip of an iceberg. It is not until you have healed fully that you can know about any permanent damage. Insurance companies will pressure you to settle before you know the full extent of the impact of an accident. That’s not right, and we will stand up for you! We will:

  • Listen carefully to your needs, questions and concerns
  • Handle ALL the legal issues so you can focus on healing
  • Deal with the insurance companies – sometimes there are more than one!
  • Order all medical records and bills related to your injuries
  • Walk you through the litigation process so you fully understand what is happening
  • Communicate with you regularly so you know how your case is progressing

Put Our Expert Team to Work for YOU

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You can be sure the insurance company on the other side of your settlement is using expert attorneys and so should you! It is all-too-easy to sink your case by sharing unnecessary information or answering leading questions. Remember, the insurance company would like to settle your case for the least amount possible. No matter how friendly or sympathetic they seem, they are not your friend. They will take advantage of any mistakes you make, so if your case is at all complicated, do not take that chance!

Our truck accident attorneys have many years of experience fighting insurance companies to gain fair settlements and we are also experts in the court room. If you have been injured because of another driver’s mistake, you deserve to be compensated – and Premier Law Group will fight with you and for you to see that justice is served.

Be Prepared – Get Our FREE Book Now

There are some things everyone who has been injured in an accident should know, and so we have written a free guide to help you get started. We cover topics such as:

  • Do I really need an attorney for my case?
  • How do I find the right attorney?
  • Ten insider secrets insurance companies hide from you
  • The “service” some lawyers provide that is a KISS OF DEATH to your accident claim
  • The one document you should NEVER sign for an insurance company

…and MUCH MORE. Whether you need an attorney or not, being well-informed can help you get the best settlement possible. We are here to help!

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