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What Does The New Seattle Dog Bite Ordinance Really Mean?

The New Dog Bite Ordinance The Seattle City Council passed a new dog bite ordinance which broadens the definition of a “dangerous animal”. Under the previous law, a “dangerous animal” was considered one which caused a “severe injury.”  A “severe injury” was defined as death, multiple broken bones, or multiple disfiguring lacerations.  These may have […]

Should I Wait To Hire An Attorney?

Unsure if you should hire an experienced Bellevue auto accident lawyer

If you’re asking yourself “should I wait to hire an attorney?”, the answer is almost universally “No!”, especially when it is in regards to a car accident. There are a myriad of reasons why I would suggest that too. These reasons are usually associated with several commons myths. Below I’ve listed a handful of common myths, along […]

What are the deadlines to file a claim?

how much will my case be worth

The only hard deadline to file a claim is the Statute Of Limitations (SOL), a law that sets a strict time limit for filing your case to recover damages. In Washington state, the statute of limitations is 3 years from the date of your accident or injury. Revised Code Of Washington (RCW) 4.16.080 “(2) An […]

How much will my case be worth?

how much will my case be worth

How much will my case be worth? The truth is that it is impossible to know exactly how much your case will be worth until you reach a certain point in the case when you have sufficient information. Every claim is unique because every BODY is different. The same type of accident or injury may […]

What do I need to do after a car accident?

how much will my case be worth

What do I need to do after a car accident? There are several steps you should take immediately following a car accident: 1) Move your vehicle away from oncoming traffic to avoid any additional accidents. 2) Make sure you’re in a safe place and call the police (dial 911 if anyone is injured). 3) Wait […]

How do I pay my medical bills?

how much will my case be worth

Medical treatment after an accident can be very expensive. A big misconception is that the person who caused your injury is going to pay your medical bills as they accrue. Unfortunately, you won’t receive a series of small checks up front to pay your medical treatment. It is not until the end of your case […]

What mistakes should I avoid?

how much will my case be worth

What mistakes should I avoid? There are infinite ways that you can do things to damage the value of your own case. Most of them are what we called “not fatal damages” but will make things harder or potentially lower the value of your case. As we see them coming up, we will warn you. […]

How do I know if I have a case?

how much will my case be worth

How do I know if I have a case? Anytime someone is injured or has property that is damaged because of the negligence of someone else, then, in theory, they have a case. This is based on the negligence laws in Washington State. Negligence is defined as failure to exercise duty of care, which means […]

How long does it take to settle?

how much will my case be worth

How long does it take to settle? Each personal injury case is unique, and the length of time it takes to resolve a case varies. Like you, we prefer cases to resolve as quickly as possible. However, a competent attorney will never settle a case before the full nature of the client’s injuries are known. […]