A Vehicle Hit Me While I Was In A Crosswalk. What Should I Be Able To Expect My Settlement To Cover?

| Pedestrian Accidents


Video Transcript

There are a couple of key differences between pedestrian accidents and other types of accidents.

The first is a pedestrian is entitled to recover PIP coverage from the car that hit them. So that means the other person’s insurance company will pay your medical bills up to the amount of the PIP limit immediately. That’s different than other types of cases.

It’s also important to know about pedestrian accidents, that it is not 100% controlling whether or not you were in a crosswalk at the time of the accident. There is something called an unmarked crosswalk that can offer a pedestrian the same amount of protection as a marked crosswalk will.

pedestrians in crosswalkSo, if you’ve been injured as a pedestrian, you should really talk to a personal injury attorney who can help to determine what types of insurance you are entitled to and if, in fact, the accident is the other person’s fault.