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All you wanted was a little stress relief and euphoria that can be experienced no other way than a joy ride on two wheels. Next thing you know, you find yourself (or a loved one) injured and looking for the best motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington state. Whether the accident was recent or in the short distant past, finding a qualified motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington could be life changing.

First, we want you to know that we’re sorry you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident. As motorcycle accident lawyers in Washington, we see situations like yours all the time – a safe motorcyclist acting entirely within the law gets hit and injured by another vehicle. Motorcycles are a convenient and fuel-efficient means of transportation, but unfortunately due to the lack of protection provided by the transportation vessel, they’re also often involved in some of the most serious traffic accidents. As a motorist taking all the safety precautions you can, you are still only as safe as the motorists around you. When drivers aren’t paying attention, accidents happen – and generally, it’s the motorcyclist who pays the price.

On this page, you’ll learn about what’s at stake when you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, what you can do now to protect your claim, what to look for in a motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington State, and how we at Premier Law Group can help you.

Essential Insights on Washington Motorcycle Accidents

Common Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents

When we think about the most common injuries associated with motorcycle accidents, we typically think of the physical: road rash, facial fractures, broken bones, burns, and other bodily injuries. Non-physical injuries are common with motorcycle accidents, too. These non-physical injuries can be related to mental and psychological health. Regardless of your injuries, your overall health is at stake because of your motorcycle accident. Money, time, and therapy are all resources that you now need in order to make the best possible recovery. Typically, insurance is available to help you access these resources, but only if you handle your claim properly.

Addressing Emotional Strains After Motorcycle Accidents

Many insurance companies and adjusters do not want to give you fair and full compensation. After all, they exist to make a profit. If you fail to hire a quality motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington, the insurance representative may not even offer you enough compensation to cover the costs associated with making a fair recovery, let alone compensation for other entitlements like pain and suffering. They attempt to persuade you to take a small settlement, hoping you don’t know the true value of your claim. The insurance company may go so far as to pressure and harass you, causing you unnecessary anxiety and frustration.

Tackling Financial Implications Post-Motorcycle Accident

After a motorcycle accident, your financial well-being is at risk. Injuries may prevent you from working, or they may prevent you from performing as you would have prior to your accident. Either of these scenarios cost you money. Furthermore, there are typically medical expenses and additional costs associated with a motorcycle accident. If the accident has affected your ability to do domestic chores, this can compound problems at home and add to your financial burden.

Choosing the Best Washington Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Your Case

Between injuries, emotional stress, and financial burdens, it’s important that you work with a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington State. The right attorney will help you access the resources you need to make the best possible recovery, protect you from the insurance company’s pressure tactics by handling communications and negotiations, and help you get full and fair compensation for your situation.

Line graph depicting the trend of motorcycle accidents in Washington State from 2015 to 2023. The graph shows a starting point of 2,428 accidents in 2015, with a general decrease over the years, reaching 1,960 accidents in 2023. Notable data points include a sharp decline in accidents in 2020. Each year is marked on the graph with its corresponding number of accidents, visually illustrating the fluctuating yet overall downward trend in motorcycle accidents within the state.
This graph illustrates the trend in motorcycle accidents in Washington State from 2015 to 2023. After peaking in 2015, the number of accidents has generally decreased, with a significant drop noted in 2020. For more detailed data and insights on traffic safety and accidents in Washington State, visit the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Collision Data Portal at Washington State Department of Transportation’s Highway Safety Collision Data Portal.

How Serious are Motorcycle Accidents in Washington State?

Types of Injuries Suffered in Motorcycle Accidents in Washington State, 2023: This pie chart categorizes the injuries from motorcycle accidents ranging from fatal to no apparent injuries, providing a visual representation of the impact of such incidents on road safety. The data underscores the importance of preventive measures and protective gear to mitigate the risks faced by motorcyclists. Source of the data: Washington State Department of Transportation.

How Many Motorcycle Accidents are in Washington State?

In 2023, there were 1,960 motorcycle accidents in Washington State. Below is a table summarizing the number of motorcycle accidents from 2015 to 2023:

Year Total Motorcycle Accidents Fatal Suspected Serious Injury Suspected Minor Injury Possible Injury No Apparent Injury
2015 2,428 73 383 841 703 428
2016 2,264 80 361 738 660 425
2017 2,124 80 376 637 652 379
2018 2,138 77 375 647 652 387
2019 1,992 92 398 538 605 359
2020 1,659 92 385 515 385 282
2021 1,807 90 450 573 358 336
2022 1,954 125 514 651 346 318
2023 1,960 131 550 623 341 315

How many motorcycle deaths per year in Washington state?

In 2023, Washington had 131 deaths from motorcycle traffic accidents.

Are motorcycle accidents going up or down in Washington?

Motorcycle accidents are going down throughout the state of Washington. In 2015, there were 2,428 motorcycle accidents, whereas in 2023, there were only 1,960 motorcycle accidents.

Steps to Safeguard Your Motorcycle Accident Compensation

Steps to Take Immediately after a Motorcycle Crash

Ensuring Evidence Integrity in Motorcycle Accidents

There are several things you can do to protect your motorcycle accident claim. To start, preserve as much evidence of the accident as you can. If possible:

  • Collect information from other people involved in the accident (name, address, phone number, and insurance information).
  • When witnesses are present, document their name, address, and telephone number.
  • Take photos of the motorcycle accident scene. Include pictures of the vehicles and people involved.
  • Call the authorities if appropriate (police or 911 for emergency medical assistance).
  • Get pictures of any injuries that are evident at the scene of the accident.
  • If there is surveillance footage from the area, request it as soon as possible. Otherwise, operators of the surveillance equipment may erase it as a matter of course.
  • If someone contacted 911, contact the authorities to request the 911 tape or messages. You need to act quickly here, too.
  • Take pictures of your injuries as they are healing, or as other injuries become prominent.

Access Comprehensive Reports for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Containing a wealth of information and resources and information for people injured in Washington, the Premier Law Group website features pages such as:

Connect with a Dedicated Washington Motorcycle Accident Attorney

We often get the question, when is the best time to hire a Washington State motorcycle accident lawyer? There are advantages to hiring a lawyer as soon as possible. Having the right attorney will give you access to recovery resources sooner rather than later. It will also let you know what to expect from the claim process, shield you from the insurance company, and improve your financial situation as soon as possible. At Premier Law Group, we provide all kinds of useful resources to help you in the claim process.

Every claim has a statute of limitations. This refers to the cut-off date for filing a claim. Generally, you have to file within three years of your motorcycle accident. Extenuating circumstances may exist. These may affect the statute of limitations in your situation and there may also be exceptions to the rules. However, to ensure you stay within the limitations, it’s best to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer in Washington ASAP.

The best way we can help is if you contact us directly. That’s why we offer free initial case reviews. During your case review, we’ll collect information about your specific situation and explain our recommendations in detail. Call 206.880.7236 to schedule a free motorcycle accident case review today.

Key Traits of Reliable Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Washington

Finding the right motorcycle accident lawyer can be a challenge. There are a lot of lawyers out there. How do you know who to hire? At the very least, the lawyer you hire should:

  • Focus on representing victims of motorcycle accidents. This ensures that your lawyer has some expertise in this area. (At Premier Law Group, our attorneys have a lot of experience with motorcycle accidents. In fact, we’ve been in them.).
  • Be well recognized within the legal community and beyond. If your lawyer is a “nobody”, the insurance company is going to treat them as such and it could negatively impact your compensation. (Our Washington State motorcycle accident lawyers have spent years helping motorcycle operators and their families get the compensation they deserve. We also have a track-record of getting excellent case results).
  • Be approachable and accessible. There are many factors in a motorcycle accident claim, so it’s important that you have a productive working relationship with your lawyer. (The attorneys at Premier Law Group are known as “the approachable attorneys”).
  • Never pressure you. Your lawyer should be a guide and provide information to help you make the best possible decision for your circumstances. This is the mark of a true professional.
  • Be considerate of your client experience. You’ve had a hard enough time already. The firm that represents you should make the claim process a positive experience. (At Premier Law Group, service is of the utmost importance. We’re proud to have great client satisfaction and be the only motorcycle accident law firm in Washington State to offer a VIP program).

Why Motorcycle Accident Victims Trust Premier Law Group

If you don’t need an attorney to settle your motorcycle accident claim, we’ll tell you exactly that. We’ll even give you an e-copy of our guide How To Settle Your Own Case. Our goal is to ensure that you become more informed about your legal options, whether we end up representing you or not. Contact Premier Law Group to schedule your free motorcycle accident case review. Call 206.880.7236 today. And as always, there’s no legal fee unless we settle or win your case.

Client Voices: Hear From Our Motorcycle Accident Clients

“I felt very welcomed and informed at every step in my case. Danielle Pugliese answered all my emails and requests promptly, and my attorney Jason Epstein not only took time to meet with me personally but also made sure to reach out via phone whenever necessary. The whole process including the wrap up of my case was easy and seamless. Thanks for all of your help!” –Ury Salinas

“Danielle and Audrey were very helpful and managed my expectations well. They returned every phone call and explained everything thoroughly. I would recommend them to family and friends. They managed the very delicate processes involved with my claim and handled it extremely professionally. Insurance companies – lookout.” –Ruslan M

“I had the privilege of working with Patrick Kang and the Premier Law Group. From the get-go, they were very responsive, honest and put me at ease throughout the process. Patrick always made time when I needed even though he is extremely busy, be it via email, text or phone calls. But he would not leave you waiting. His office were very professional and would help walk you through everything and made you understand all the consequences. Although I hope I would never have to hire him again, I recommend them to all my friends and family should they need a lawyer, without questions.” –Hien Nguyen

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