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At Premier Law Group, we have one thing on our minds – serving clients. Our commitment to providing them with quality work and personalized service has allowed us to become one of the most client-centric personal injury law firms in the country. Consequently, we deliver exceptional value, use technology to provide effective and efficient legal solutions and employ a diverse workforce to bring real-world and innovative perspectives to meet our clients’ needs.

The firm has a strong and long-standing commitment to bringing cost-effective solutions to client matters, from the routine to the most complex. In novel and sophisticated matters, we analyze the costs and benefits of potential strategies and work to recommend the solution that promises the greatest value to the client. In all matters, we understand the importance of working in partnership with in-house counsel.

Our Expert Law Team Is On Your Side

As a medium-sized firm, we can handle routine and simple matters easily and efficiently, yet we also have the ability to marshal extensive resources, expertise and experience. For example, we have the ability to organize teams of lawyers from our numerous practice areas to handle every aspect of a complex project, whether that means focusing our resources on structuring, negotiating, and closing large, complex and time-sensitive transactions, or aggressively pressing complex court cases. Our expertise ranges from personal injury and accident cases to employment law.

We believe that Premier Law Group offers a rare combination of comfortable size, a broad range of services, and high quality that affords unique benefits to our clients. Those same characteristics create a professional environment that both attracts top-quality legal talent and develops it from within.

It Is All About YOU

At Premier Law Group, we care about our clients. A lot of law firms consider clients a simple case number-NOT US!
We take the time to listen to each client and understand their needs and fears. As every person is different, there is not a simple case pattern. You may prefer to get a settlement sooner even if it is smaller; you might be concerned about getting the best medical care for you or a loved one.
Our entire team is dedicated to your needs.

All Our Clients Get The V.I.P. Treatment

We are proud to stay close to our clients, as we think everybody deserves legal representation. Clear and honest communication is our promise. We are here to help our clients. We work and fight to get them the fair compensation that they deserve.

All our attorneys make themselves easily accessible for their clients. If they need to speak with their attorney, we also assign the client a paralegal who will work with them and schedule appointments.

Premier Law Group Awards

10-Best-Personal Injury Attorneys-2017-Premier-Law-GroupPremier Law Group and its team are frequently awarded for their professionalism, results and great client service.
This year, Jason Epstein has been designated as Best Personal Injury Attorney in WA.
Check out all our awards.

How Premier Law Group Gives Back

As personal injury attorneys, we know the world can sometimes be a tough place. Premier Law Group believes that giving back to our community makes it a safer, better, more enjoyable place for everyone. Find out about what we do to give back to our communities.

Premier Law Group in the News

Premier Law Group’s attorneys are nationally recognized experts in the field of law and traffic safety. Find out how Premier Law Group has been recognized in the media.