Bellevue Personal Injury Firm Profile

Premier Law Group is Bellevue’s top personal injury law firm. Our Bellevue personal injury lawyers are best described as a down-to-earth team, dedicated to exceptional client service, specializing in personal injury law, and committed to our communities – guaranteed. Our law firm has four pillars, that you can learn about below.

1. Bellevue Personal Injury Lawyers Delivering Outstanding Client Service

Premier Law Group’s first pillar is outstanding client service. The service we provide is intentional and intended to make a meaningful difference to the people who work with us. We always go above and beyond. From the moment you contact us, if we’re not the right fit, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction. Our expert personal injury attorneys will give you a referral or other resource. Above all our processes include crystal clear communication and frequent follow-up with clients. Much of the feedback we receive from clients is about how well and promptly we communicate with them. We aim for 100% client satisfaction and, according to our reviews, that’s what we deliver.

2. We are Real People Helping Real People

attorney Patrick J. KangThe second pillar of Premier Law Group is real people. Over the years, partners Patrick Kang and Jason Epstein have intentionally built an authentic team of Bellevue personal injury lawyers and staff. Cultivating a fresh and down-to-earth culture is important to our team. Most importantly, we don’t talk at you during consultations. Instead, we talk with you because making sure you understand everything is important to us. We don’t have an inflated sense of self-importance, we’re not stuffed suits, and we don’t find it hard to relate to others. To sum it up, we’re real people, helping real people like you, with real problems.

3. Bellevue Personal Injury Lawyers Committed To Community Service

Jason Epstein talked to kidsIn addition, our personal injury attorneys have a duty to give back to our communities. We host a series of community campaigns including Teacher of the Month, Teens Against Distracted DrivingBackpacks for Kids, and the Distracted Driving Scholarship. This deep commitment to community service is also why we offer free educational resources about laws. We want everyone looking for legal help to know the truth about their options.

“We believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it.”- This quote expresses our feelings and actions around community service

4. Specialists In Personal Injury Law in Bellevue

The attorneys at Premier Law Group all have one thing in common: a specialty in personal injury. In addition, we have extensive qualifications and experience in this practice area. Our expertise may be best seen in our track record of obtaining exceptional results for clients. Every case has different factors and every client has different goals. Consequently, we consider these factors when we evaluate and agree to take your case. We have a reputation for negotiating high-value settlements and winning in court. As award-winningmedia-recognized attorneys, and authors, we also have upstanding reputations among the legal community, news media, and the general public.

Our Triple Guarantee

Triple Guarantee Premier Law Group of Seattle |As you can tell by now, we do things differently at Premier Law Group. One of the things we do differently is offer a guarantee. Although most personal injury lawyers and attorneys say you can’t offer a guarantee in this profession. We disagree. Because of this, We’re the only injury law firm in Washington State that offers a Triple Guarantee.

We promise three things:

  1. When you contact us about your personal injury matter, you’ll speak directly with an attorney – not just a receptionist or intake specialist. Furthermore, we’ll be upfront about whether you even need an attorney to settle your claim.
  2. If we decide to work together, we’ll provide a “Premier” client experience. Meaning you get personalized service and VIP treatment.
  3. You don’t pay a penny unless we win your case. That’s our “Zero-Fee Guarantee”.

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If you’re ready to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your potential claim, call Premier Law Group to schedule a free initial consultation. You’ll speak directly with a qualified attorney, and at the very least, become more informed about your legal options.

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We have four Personal Injury Law Offices located in Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, and Federal Way.  Consequently, our team is available to meet with you in the greater Seattle area. You are in good hands with the most attentive and personable Personal Injury Law Firm in Bellevue!

What People Say About Our Personal Injury Lawyers

“Premier Law Group gave me the best advice possible on all aspects of the case that resulted in a better outcome than I ever expected.” –Chris Cochrane

“They kept me informed and treated me with the most respect as a client. They will take care of you!” –Nicolette Xay

“I appreciate the timeliness of emails and how little effort I had to put into the process.” –Sarah T.

“They were very thorough in explaining everything to me. They are definitely looking out for your best interests!” –Jesse Scott

“My lawyer was such a good listener, I started to cry! I felt heard. They were professional and kind. Everyone was friendly and respectful.” –Leri Langeberg

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