Pedestrian accidents occur far too often, leaving victims with severe injuries and a pressing need for legal recourse. When a pedestrian is in an accident there’s a good chance that it’s serious. Furthermore, the number of pedestrian accidents in the Seattle area and beyond continue to climb.

As a pedestrian, being hit by a vehicle may be one of the worst experiences of your life. We’re sorry you’re going through this. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place.

This page gives you information about your legal situation, which is directly related to your recovery. Premier Law Group’s expert pedestrian accident lawyers can help you receive the compensation you’ll need to recover as fully as possible. That includes mentally, physically, and financially.

On this page you’ll learn about how to protect your claim, frequently asked questions and answers about pedestrian accidents, what to expect if you contact Premier Law Group to speak with a Washington pedestrian accident lawyer, and more.

Our experienced pedestrian accident attorneys in Seattle are not merely a legal representatives but a dedicated advocate committed to the well-being of the victims. In the pursuit of justice, our skilled lawyers go beyond the confines of the courtroom. We work closely with our clients to understand the extent of physical and emotional trauma caused by the accident, ensuring that every aspect is considered in the personal injury claim. This holistic approach, coupled with our adept negotiation skills, positions us as formidable allies for those affected by pedestrian accidents. In the face of a negligent driver, Seattle pedestrian accident lawyers stand as guardians of the rights of pedestrians, striving to secure the compensation and support they rightfully deserve.

Unraveling the Aftermath: Causes, Injuries, & Next Steps

Washington pedestrian accident lawyersThe reality is, pedestrians must share the roads with vehicles that have greater power, speed, and protection. That’s why pedestrians are often the most vulnerable parties on or around the roads. Common areas where pedestrian accidents take place include parking lots, residential and country roads, and crosswalks. Speeding, driver inexperience, careless driving, distracted driving, and driving too close to the curb are all common causes of pedestrian accidents.

Our pedestrian accident attorneys in Washington also play a pivotal role in addressing accidents occurring at intersections or due to violations of traffic signals. We understand the importance of scrutinizing traffic signal data and eyewitness accounts to establish liability. By meticulously investigating the sequence of events leading to the accident, our attorneys construct compelling narratives that highlight the driver’s failure to adhere to traffic regulations. Our attention to detail strengthens the pedestrian accident lawsuits, ensuring that victims are not only compensated for their immediate losses but also supported in their quest for justice against those who disregard traffic signals and compromise public safety.

Common physical injuries that we see after pedestrian accidents include brain traumas, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and facial lacerations. Accidents can affect your mental and psychological health, too. You will need resources including money, time, and therapy to help you recover.

Without a good pedestrian accident lawyer, you may not have access to the resources you need to make a good recovery. It’s likely that you are unable to produce income the way you did before the accident. Furthermore, you may have mounting medical expenses. Financial stress adds to the stress of the accident.

Navigating the legal intricacies of pedestrian accident claims involves a meticulous examination of the contributory factors. Without an experienced pedestrian accident attorney, you may not have access to the resources you need to make a good recovery. It’s likely that you are unable to produce income the way you did before the accident. Furthermore, you may have mounting medical expenses. Financial stress adds to the stress of the accident.

It is in your best interest to start looking for a trusted Washington pedestrian accident lawyer. The right attorney will help you to make the best possible recovery, handle communications and negotiations with insurance companies, and help you get full and fair compensation.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Pedestrian Accident Compensation

There are a few things you can do to help protect your pedestrian accident claim. If possible, collect information from other people involved in the accident (name, address, phone number, and insurance information). Document the names and phone numbers of witnesses, too. Remember to call the authorities if that’s appropriate (police or 911 for emergency medical assistance).

Take photos of the accident scene and try to include the vehicles and people involved. Don’t forget to get pictures of your injuries right after the accident and as they are healing. If there’s surveillance footage from the area or a 911 tape, request these pieces of evidence as soon as possible. If you don’t do this quickly, they may be lost.

Perhaps the best thing you can do to protect your claim is contact Premier Law Group to speak with one of our Washington pedestrian accident lawyers. We offer free initial case reviews for pedestrian accidents in Washington State.

Pedestrian Accidents in Washington State: A Decade in Review

Line graph displaying pedestrian accidents in Washington State from 2014 to 2023, with each year's total accidents marked by a bullet point. The line is thick and colored in #900A03, indicating the fluctuation of accidents over the decade, with specific annotations for years 2017, 2019, and 2020 to highlight changes in accident counts.

This graph illustrates the trends in pedestrian accidents in Washington State from 2014 to 2023, as recorded by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). The data reveals significant variations over the years, with a noticeable decrease in accidents from 2019 onwards. For more detailed insights and further data, visit the WSDOT Collision Data Portal.

Types of Injuries Suffered in Pedestrian Accidents in Washington State, 2023

Types of Injuries Suffered in Pedestrian Accidents in Washington State, 2023

Types of Injuries Suffered in Pedestrian Accidents in Washington State, 2023: This pie chart illustrates the severity and distribution of injuries among pedestrians involved in accidents. From fatal to no apparent injuries, it highlights the critical need for improved pedestrian safety measures and infrastructure. A significant portion of the incidents resulted in minor injuries, indicating potential areas for safety enhancements and preventive strategies. Source of the data: Washington State Department of Transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pedestrian Accidents

“How Is The Legal Process For A Pedestrian Accident Claim Different From A Car Accident Claim?”

There are a couple of key differences between pedestrian accidents and other types of accidents. The first is that a pedestrian is entitled to recover Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage from the car that hit them. This means the other party’s insurance company will pay your medical bills up to the amount of the PIP limit immediately.

“What If I Was Crossing The Street Without A Crosswalk When The Vehicle Hit Me?”

There is something called an unmarked crosswalk that can offer a pedestrian the same amount of protection as a marked crosswalk. You should speak to a qualified Washington pedestrian accident lawyer in order to determine fault.

“If I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer, How Long Will It Take To Settle My Claim?”

Every case is different and we must evaluate every case on its own merits. We won’t settle your case until you’re either done treating or you’ve got a permanent prognosis from your doctor (this is what any reputable skilled pedestrian accident attorney would do). Your attorney won’t be able to move to the next step of trying to settle your case until you’re done treating.

“What If The Insurance Company Isn’t Offering Enough Compensation?”

Ultimately, your Washington pedestrian accident lawyer will tell you what they think your case is worth, but it is up to the insurance company to make the offer. If the insurance company does not offer the money that your attorney tells you your case is worth, the only option left is for you to file a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit might extend the lifetime of your case.

“What Is The Statute Of Limitations On A Pedestrian Accident Case In Washington State?”

A statute of limitations is a deadline by which we must initiate legal proceedings. For most pedestrian accidents, the statute of limitations is 3 years from the date of the accident. This means you must have either settled your case or filed a lawsuit on or before the 3-year anniversary of the date of your accident. There are certain conditions that can shorten or extend the statute of limitations. We recommend you speak with a trusted Washington pedestrian accident lawyer so that you know how much time you have to pursue your claim.

“What Can I Recover From A Pedestrian Injury Claim?”

Thumbnail for a video where Jason Epstein, personal injury attorney, discusses the various types of compensation one can seek from a bicycle or pedestrian accident claim.

Your Journey with Premier Law Group: What to Anticipate

Premier Law Group is Washington’s premier personal injury law firm. We are best described as a down-to-earth team, dedicated to exceptional client service, specializing in personal injury law, and committed to our communities – guaranteed.

Here’s what to expect when you contact and work with our Washington pedestrian accident lawyers:

  1. We’re accessible. When you contact us about your pedestrian accident, you’ll speak directly with an attorney – not just a receptionist or intake specialist.
  2. We’re straightforward. No game-playing here – we want to help you towards your goals. For example, we’ll be upfront about whether you even need an attorney to settle your claim.
  3. We care. We’re real people who help real people with real problems. Something happened to you that shouldn’t have. You deserve an experience and outcome that makes things as right as possible.

Part of our mission is to ensure that everyone who contacts us becomes more informed about their legal options – whether we represent them or not. Contact us to schedule a free case review about your pedestrian accident. Call 206.285.1743 today.

Premier Law Group: A Reflection by Our Clients

A Great Experience

“I had a great experience with Premier Law Group, PLLC. My initial contact throughout the entire process was great. I was met at my home still in pain from the accident and John was super compassionate and professional. My assigned attorney was Jason who was both funny and kind and did the very best on my behalf. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this firm. Exit with Claudia DeFrance was great as was very sweet lady and funny I was very pleased with my exit meeting.” – Tanya D.

Very Informative And Honest

“Jon Lee at Premier Law Group was GREAT!! Very informative and completely open/honest about my case and what actions I should follow on before getting them involved. I will definitely be using them and would highly recommend giving them a call if needed.” – Melinda Jensen

Fantastic To Have On Your Side

“Working with Jason and Danielle has been great. They were able to get the best settlement that I could have hoped and were always easy to communicate and work with. Jason is very straight forward and direct which is really fantastic to have on your side. While I never would have to go through the injuries again, having gone through it they made the best process.” – Jeff Holden

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