After a car accident, should I contact the other driver’s insurance company?


Video Transcript

If the car accident was clearly the other driver’s fault, my guess is that they’re going to contact you pretty quickly. The insurance companies have several tricks to try to avoid liability, or to minimize how much they pay. 

car accident sign insurance releaseOne of them is the quickie settlement offer. That’s where hours or early on after the accident – maybe the next day – they’ll call and offer you $500.00 or $1,000.00 to settle your case. 

This is a huge mistake! It can often take days, weeks, or months to know the full nature and extent of your injuries. I’ve seen lots of cases where someone settles their claim early on for a modest sum of money – say $1,000.00 – and then winds up needing back surgery or neck surgery and has a case that should have been worth a couple $100,000.00. 

Unfortunately, they took that $1,000.00 and signed the release, and so there’s nothing we can do to help them.

Don’t be that person! If you have been injured in a car accident contact us right away for a free case evaluation.

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