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The Truth about Washington Auto Insurance

Jason Epstein is a personal injury attorney at Premier Law Group – Washington’s premier personal injury law firm. He wrote this book so that consumers could have good information about buying Washington auto insurance and protect themselves against irresponsible drivers. 

After meeting with hundreds of potential clients and asking them what they knew about their own Washington auto insurance policies, Jason discovered that the insurance industry does a poor job of educating it own consumers. As you’ll see, he believes that this is not an oversight. Rather, it’s a deliberate attempt to keep consumers “in the dark” about the most important types of car insurance they can buy! 

Neither Jason nor Premier Law Group sell car insurance, so we don’t have a dog in this fight. We challenge any car insurance agent who disagrees with this opinion to sit down and explain their disagreement with us. We’ll even buy lunch on the condition that we can share the conversation with our readers

The point is, families face tragic consequences after traffic accidents and they can be made much, much worse by not buying the right auto insurance in this state. Jason and Premier Law Group see these consequences all the time. We want to help prevent or at least minimize the troubles you may face if you or a loved one is injured in an auto accident.  

Inside The Truth About Buying Washington Auto Insurance, You’ll Learn:

  • The kind of car insurance you should purchase to keep your family and assets safe 
  • How you can protect yourself and your family from uninsured drivers 
  • Why insurance companies don’t want to sell you the best coverage available — even though it’s more affordable than you think
  • And a lot more about buying Washington auto insurance

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