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Workplace Sexual Harassment In Washington State

Workplace Sexual Harassment Book

A walk around the campuses at most major colleges, particularly those of professional schools, shows a greater percentage of women pursuing advanced degrees than ever before. In fact, in most incoming classes, women outnumber men.

Women who traditionally have been left out of the professional workforce comprise a significant portion of it today. However, they still occupy so-called rank-and-file positions. Furthermore, women who do not are low-level managers with limited power.

Exploitation On The Job…

Most men are accepting of this increase of women in the workforce, yet many people see the presence of women as an opportunity to engage them socially or exploit them sexually. As a result, women are sexually propositioned and exposed to sex-based speech, touching, and general propositioning in the workplace. This is workplace sexual harassment.

Employers and others in positions of power such as managers or supervisors sometimes exploit their authority over their subordinates for their own sexual benefit. The subordinates’ dependence on those people causes them emotional distress. Often, victims must tolerate humiliating conduct despite being offended by it.

At Premier Law Group, educating people about the law is important to us. In fact, part of our mission is to ensure that those who contact us become more informed about their legal options, whether we represent them or not. That’s why we wrote a free guide on workplace sexual harassment in Washington and we give it away for free.

“The Truth About Workplace Sexual Harassment” Provides Tools To Identify, Confront, And Deal With Sexual Harassment At Your Job

Inside this guide, you’ll discover:

  • What constitutes sexual harassment and what doesn’t
  • How to report sexual harassment and find witnesses
  • The top 5 mistakes victims of sexual harassment make
  • Who is responsible when workplace sexual harassment takes place

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